Holiday Club Resorts

Partner network produced smart integration

Holiday Club Resorts Oy is the leading ownership vacation company in Europe. It is also a significant operator in the fields of holiday housing and tourism. Holiday Club Resorts Oy has 33 resorts and 8 resorts feature also a spa hotel. Holiday Club operates 1145 hotel rooms and 1994 holiday homes in total. The Holiday Club has about 60,000 member families.

The partner network and integrations enable a better customer experience

The main customer experience of the accommodation and tourism business is created at the actual destination. Yet the websites and the services they provide are playing an increasingly important role in building a complete customer experience. Holiday Club Resorts Oy offers thousands of accommodation options on its website. In presenting the alternatives and comparing them, it is of paramount importance that the items can be offered to customers in an attractive, efficient and timely manner.

Visually appealing and functional websites are the starting point for everything

All of the Holiday Club Resorts destinations are featured on the website with stylish pictures and other content produced by marketing. Photos are updated via Gredi Content Hub, through a seamless and real-time open API.

This allows you to always display the latest versions of photos in accordance with the brand. With a large number of images, it’s easier to manage them through a modern digital asset management solution than in web publishing systems.

Dynamic digital asset management solution ensures effective marketing

Holiday Club Resorts utilizes Gredi’s digital asset management solution to market their items, enabling various digital content to be customized into brand-managed marketing content. Whether printed or digital marketing material, the final content can always be produced directly by the local staff as needed. And all the time, it is guaranteed that everything is done in accordance with brand guidelines. This saves time and money and has brought efficiency to the marketing of Holiday Club Resorts.

The collaborative partner network produced smart integration

The solution integrated to the Gredi Content Hub digital asset management solution via the API interface and directly into the Holiday Club Resorts website and its publishing system has been created in cooperation with Tietotalo Oy. Tietotalo and Gredi focused their expertise and produced a package customized to the needs of Holiday Club Resorts. The cooperation resulted in the use of many special expertise and innovative solutions.

“The Gredi Content Hub and especially its functionality to dynamically generate marketing content have brought a whole new dimension and effeciency to our marketing. The integration of Gredi’s solution into our online service has made it possible to utilize our entire image material in a new way,” says Ulla Granroth, Project Manager at Holiday Club Resorts Oy.

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