Kalevala Jewelry

More efficient marketing and brand management

Kalevala Jewelry is the one of the largest jewelry manufacturers in Northern Europe and the largest in Finland. The company designs, manufactures and markets high quality gold, silver and bronze jewelry under the brand names Kalevala Jewelry and Lapponia Jewelry. The company’s turnover is approximately EUR 14.5 million with 120 employees. The employees are top professionals in Finland in the field of craft and high technology expertise.

All jewelry is made in Finland and, wherever possible, materials of Finnish origin are favored in the raw materials. The company carefully nurtures its strong brand. It is visible in all business, including sales, manufacturing, and marketing. According to the Brand Valuation 2015 survey, Kalevala Koru is 11th most respected brand in Finland.

Faster service for the dealer network and more efficient marketing and brand management

Leading the brand and serving the dealer network is one of the most important tasks in marketing Finland’s largest jewelry company Kalevala Koru Oy. Effective and successful management of these tasks in today’s digital business environment would not be possible without effective and reliable digital brand and marketing content management. Gredi has been responsible for increasing the value of Kalevala Koru’s digital assets for 10 years already.


For their local marketing communications, Kalevala Koru dealers need up-to-date and branded marketing material with continuous feed. In addition to product images and the right product information, Kalevala Koru offers them ready-made advertising templates and content formats suitable for different publishing channels to provide the best customer experience. With hundreds and thousands of products sold by distributors and their marketing partners and with tens of thousands of images, managing the whole picture can be an overwhelming challenge.


Gredi implemented a digital asset management solution for Kalevala Koru. The two brands of Kalevala Jewelry were previously equipped with their own visual interfaces and separate “desktops” that made it possible to manage and deliver materials to retailers and their partners.

Kalevala Koru introduced an updated version of Gredi’s service and a new user interface where brand views are now combined. Particular attention was paid to the ease of use in connection with the upgrade. Dynamic ad templates were used for more efficient use. Image file formats are now automatically adapted to suit multiple channels and uses. The integration of Gredi’s service into Kalevala Koru’s online store solution is also a new feature.


Gredi’s brand management, marketing enhancement and digital information management solution has brought several tangible benefits to Kalevala Koru:

  • Better service for the dealer network has played a crucial role in successful business. Images are always delivered to them in the correct format, and through dynamic templates, marketing content can be delivered to the channel in a right format.
  • Kalevala Koru wants to cherish and grow a strong brand with great care. Although the products themselves are still handcrafted, the use of digitality for brand management is essential. Managing a unified brand look and creating the best possible customer experience have kept Kalevala Koru among the most respected brands in Finland year after year.
  • Kalevala Jewelry has a long tradition as a jewelry maker. In its history, tens of thousands of images have been created. Gredi’s service serves as the digital heart / archive of Kalevala Koru and the company’s long tradition is transmitted digitally from one generation to another as a digital asset.
  • In order to make the most of Digital Asset Management, the service has to be so easy to use that it is adopted by all parties. In addition to own organization, retailers and their marketing communications partners should all be able to work seamlessly together. Again, Gredi’s service has been excellent.


“From my own perspective, the continuous development of the service, clear pricing and reliability have been the reasons why Kalevala Jewelry continues to rely on Gredi. As a Finnish company with a long tradition, the domestic service provider is, of course, important factor for us,” says Tiina Ahlfors, IT Manager at Kalevala Koru.

“Serving the clientele, resellers, and all other parties with brand management and efficiency is the most important thing. Our own marketing has now time to focus on the most strategic tasks when managing assets in Gredi’s service. Gredi’s update project was carried out quickly and accurately. The new interface is easy to use and many functions are now automated,” says Pirjo Helenius, responsible for Kalevala Koru’s Material Bank.

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