Customized digital asset management solution
for a global company

KONE’s mission is to make cities better places to live. KONE is one of the world’s leading companies in manufacturing elevators, escalators and automatic doors. It offers solutions for equipment maintenance and modernization throughout the life cycle of buildings. KONE makes the movement of people in taller and smarter buildings safe, comfortable and reliable. In 2015, KONE’s net sales totaled EUR 8.6 billion and at the end of 2015 it had nearly 50,000 employees

A tailored digital asset management solution for the needs of a global company

KONE is a global company whose marketing and communication is done locally according to requirements of each local market. In order for these operations to be managed in a branded and efficient manner, all marketing and communication materials must be intelligently and digitally archived and easily and quickly distributed. The Gredi solution offered features such as modularity, user-friendliness, and the ability to tailor the package to KONE’s requirements. These were factors that influenced their decision to choose Gredi as a digital asset management provider.


Marketing and communications in a global marketplace in today’s multichannel marketing environment is challenging. How to produce a consistent customer and brand experience regardless of the market and channel. Marketing and communication content and the related digital material must be easily discoverable and locally editable. It also has to be distributed to different channels in accordance with brand guidelines.

Previously, KONE had two separate systems for managing these functions: Image bank and asset management system. They had to be combined into a single user-friendly entity. Its users would be the company’s own experts and external marketing and communications agency partners and it should be easy to deploy.


Gredi customized KONE’s digital asset management solution to the needs of marketing and communications. Gredi’s solution enables KONE to efficiently find and distribute the content and material for marketing and communications. Gredi’s user-friendly solution serves the company’s current needs and furthermore, is prepared for future challenges, including making it a solution for managing local content across markets. Gredi trained the KONE administrators to operate the service in accordance with the deployment program.


Gredi’s digital asset management solution has brought benefits to KONE’s marketing and communications department, as well as to local market experts and their marketing communications partners.

  • Digismart material bank has brought more efficiency now that digital and up-to-date materials are in one centralized system and available for KONE’s global organization
  • The thematic search functionality and metadata associated with digital information make it easy and simple to store, search, manage, share, and publish the right information.
  • The access rights and user groups easily and safely manage access to all digital content and material. The original versions are kept behind the administrative access rights and other users only have access to the information they need.
  • The user experience of the service has been good, and through the functionality of the user interface, users have quickly taken the service into their own and everyday use.
  • The digitalisation of business has long been in KONE’s strategy and culture. Now, this cultural shift is more clearly part of marketing and communication functions.
  • Gredi’s digital asset management solution provides an excellent platform for future development. In the future, the system will be developed to enable local experts to better manage their own content and share it with the global organization.

“The Gredi digital asset management solution serves us as a global company excellently. Our marketing and communications processes have become more efficient through automated workflow and metadata management. Our plan is to expand the use of the system in our local organizations and to integrate Gredi’s solution into our other systems,” says Mikko Sissala of KONE’s marketing.

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