Management Events

Events in 11 countries are produced and
coordinated from Finland

Management Events has developed a unique event concept that brings together top decision-makers and companies providing solutions to them – generating added value for both parties. We organize 180 events annually in 11 different countries, as well as Nordic, DACH and Pan-European events. Our staff consists of over 200 event professionals. Management Events has already been selected as the best event organizer in Finland in the company brand survey of Taloustutkimus Oy.

Events in 11 countries are produced and coordinated from Finland

Management Events is a fast-moving international event organizer whose sales, marketing and communications are conducted locally according to the requirements of each market. In today’s fast-paced marketing environment, it is important for the company that sales and marketing operators are able to utilize marketing content in a branded and efficient way.

Previously, all this content was stored on server disks and distributed as attachments. The process was inflexible and the possibility of errors always present.

Management Events needed a system and service that would allow the intelligent archiving of these marketing materials, but above all their brand-managed distribution efficient and easy. The features offered by Gredi’s cloud solution, ease of use of the interface, and recommendations from previous references were factors that influenced their decision to choose Gredi as a supplier.


Management Events has successfully internationalized its unique event concept, providing services in 11 countries. For international business, sales and marketing must be seamlessly integrated and the company’s customer promises and brand has to be communicated in a uniform and controlled way to different markets.

Marketing materials and content must be available to all users in different markets and distributed in real time. The traditional way to preserve and share these materials is no longer relevant and the company was looking for an operator who could modernize digital content management and bring it to a whole new level.


Gredi delivered a Digital Asset Management solution to Management Events that enables dynamic production, intelligent archiving and real-time sharing of sales and marketing materials related to the company’s events. With Gredi’s Digismart solution, Management Events sales and marketing experts around the world can always access up-to-date branded materials.

The deployment of the service proceeded quickly in accordance with the prepared project plan. Gredi’s customer service and user support have always been helpful when it is needed.


Gredi’s solution has brought many benefits to Management Events’ sales, marketing and communication needs:

• Dynamic data management required for fast internationalization.
• Enchanced processes for producing, archiving, and sharing data.
• Concrete cost savings when the same materials do not have to be made repeatedly.
• Nowadays, digital media and information management extends to a wide range of users with a brand management system.
• Access to the service can be managed easily and safely. User support and customer service are quickly available when working with Gredi.

“It was important for us to find a solution for digital asset management for marketing content that supports our internationalization. Most importantly, users get access to the material anywhere in the world and whenever they need it. And all this is done in a well-managed manner,” says Sirke Kontio, Head of Marketing, Management Events.

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