More efficient asset management:
dynamic, multichannel and integrated

Sinebrychoff is Finland’s leading brewery, which produces beers, ciders and soft drinks and energy drinks. It also offers a comprehensive range of international beers and through partners a wide range of other alcoholic beverages. Sinebrychoff started brewing in 1819 and is today the oldest brewery in the Nordic countries and the oldest food company in Finland. Sinebrychoff manufactures Coca-Cola drinks in Finland. Sinebrychoff is part of the international Carlsberg Group.

Keywords for more efficient asset management: dynamics, multichannel and integration

Sinebrychoff offers its restaurant customers the opportunity to produce tailor-made advertising materials for their needs. In order for this to be possible and to ensure that all materials are controlled in accordance with the brand guidelines, the solution must be dynamic and provide multi-channel publishing. Having studied the various options, Sinebrychoff selected Gredi’s asset management solution to replace two previous solutions.


Sinebrychoff has thousands of restaurant customers in Finland, who need various local advertising and marketing materials. To be able to deliver these materials quickly, flexibly, personalized and brand-managed, the only working solution is to provide customers with a digital asset management service that enables customers to produce and publish their own materials in a controlled manner. In order to serve a diverse clientele, the solution had to be easy for customers to use and quickly adoptable and deployable.


Gredi delivered to Sinebrychoff a Digital Asset Management solution that enables dynamic production of various marketing materials, multi-channel publishing and integration with different systems of customers. With the Gredi digismart solution, Sinebrychoff’s restaurant customers can make separate drink lists, price offers, and other promotional materials. They can be printed as needed, published in the restaurant’s digiscreen or even in various social media channels.


Gredi’s solution has brought several benefits to Sinebrychoff’s marketing:

• Cost savings, increased efficiency and improved file management. Gredi’s service replaced two previous systems with one easy-to-use solution.
• Dynamic asset and information management can now be provided to a wide range of customers And in full accordance with the brand management and Sinebrychoff guidelines.
• Marketing materials and information can be produced and published on a multichannel basis, for example, in printed materials, for digital displays and in social media channels.
• Access to the service can be managed easily and safely. User support and customer service are quickly available when working with Gredi.

“It is of paramount importance to us that the material management solution for our customers is easy to use. Also that it is suited to the ever-changing needs of our various customers. On the other hand we want to ensure that all such materials is in line with our brand guidelines. We explored different options in the market. We selected Gredi’s solution, which replaced the two previous solutions, and which in practice has proved to be a workable solution for a brand house like us,” says Maija Mäkirinne, Key Account Director, Sinebrychoff.

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