Tamro Oyj

New boost for marketing and communication

Tamro is a leading distributor of pharmaceuticals and health products and a service provider in Finland. In the Finnish welfare chain, Tamro has an important role to play: it ensures that pharmacies, hospitals and other health care centers get the medicines and other products they need quickly and reliably. Tamro operates in Tamro House in Vantaa and Tampere. Tamro is a member of the PHOENIX Group, the leading pharmaceutical distributor in Europe.

New boost for Tamro’s marketing and communication

Tamro’s marketing and communications activities were reorganized four years ago. At the same time, Tamro wanted the best marketing and communication tools and technologies to enhance its operations and enable modern digital marketing efforts. The requirement was to have a digital asset management tool and solution that would serve not only our own experts, but also customer target groups and key marketing communications partners. The solution would also provide a user-friendly service and a full-featured interface for the needs of the pharmacy marketing experts. The solution chosen was Gredi, who made impact with his expertise, energy and user-friendly system.


In marketing, Tamro needs a large number of marketing and communication materials for its health product brands: logos, images, videos, documents and various marketing materials. In addition, there was a need for a single storage for. Tamro’s visual guidelines and elements, customer magazines, personal photos, event photos and service marketing materials. These data were previously on server disks and were mainly distributed by e-mail. To make marketing and communication more effective, these materials had to be made available in one place easily and transparently, but above all because sharing them with stakeholders had to be brand-managed and secure.

Tamro also wanted to have an e-mail marketing solution that could be managed flexibly by marketing department itself, enabling cost-effective design anddelivery of newsletters to different target groups.


Gredi delivered a customized solution package to Tamro that matched to both challenges. The digital asset management solution provided by Gredi, named AINO Asset Portfolio, enhances the storage, availability and sharing of digital marketing materials. The easy-to-understand user interface and user management integration features made it easy and fast for operations that previously required a long time.

The Gredi solution newsletter feature enables branded communications for all different target groups. Tamro’s marketing is now able to implement everything easily and cost-effectively. Previously, email marketing was done only occasionally via email software.


Gredi’s digital asset management has brought benefits to Tamro’s marketing and communications, and to customers and partners as well:

  • Digital brand materials are now available in one centralized AINO Asset Portfolio system and transparently available to various stakeholders easily, quickly and with brand management. Saving, finding, managing, sharing and publishing the right information is now easy and effortless.
  • The newsletter feature has enabled efficient customer and target group communications. For each target group, customized materials and visual expressions are created and regular customer communication with own resources is cost-effective.
  • The quality of the processes has improved as user management integration has removed manual steps.
  • The user experience of the service has been good and the users have adopted the service well due to the functionality of the interface.
  • In the future AINO Asset Portfolio and its digital information can be integrated into other systems, such as e-commerce.

“We are very pleased with Gredi’s asset management solution. Our marketing and communication processes have been simplified, accelerated and streamlined in many ways. Gredi people’s good attitude, an active grip on the development of the material bank section, and customer service that has worked in every way have made this cooperation really pleasing to us,” says Hanne Bergholm, Marketing and Communications Manager at Tamro.

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