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Efficient campaign tools for 200 election candidates

The Green’s campaign chairman Kirsi Syväri says the Greens wish to help the campaigning of the candidates in a brand managed way. The elections approaching, the Gredi Content Hub was a selected solution for the Green campaign material and brand management.

“We had a working visual design software only for social media, but that was completely inadequate for print campaigning. Candidates have asked us for a decent tool that they do not need to use expensive and difficult graphics software to produce campaign promotions and other promotional materials. So the need was obvious,” says Kirsi Syväri.

“Party leaders decided that Greens will now move from a variety of candidate-specific campaigns to the production of centrally managed campaign templates,” says Kirsi Syväri.

All candidates have the freedom to produce images and texts themselves

“Interesting people get the most votes. We’re not going to control the candidates’ campaign pictures and texts. We give all our 200 candidates the freedom to produce their own marketing material on our Content Hub. We do it in a branded manner so that the Greens’ color scheme, logos and text types are always the same, but the pictures and texts of the candidates can vary personally.”

Candidates can directly produce and order campaign materials such as magazine advertisements, electoral brochures, flyers, stickers, badges, and social media ads in the service. Everything conveniently from one service, with the dynamic templates created by Gredi.

“Thanks to the dynamic templates, we are also able to make customized campaign templates for our candidates,” says Kirsi Syväri. The same convenient, easy and fast customizable dynamic templates can also be utilized by the Green Sub-Organizations, such as Green Youth and Green Women.

Information security also enhances reputation management

Greens required solid security. “We wanted Gredi to provide us with different usernames for different stakeholders. With these well-managed user IDs, we want to prevent vandalism,” says Kirsi Syväri.

Benefit from cost savings for all channels

“With the help of Gredi’s service, we will improve campaigning, we will get cost savings in the production of candidates’ campaign materials, and we will ensure a unified brand look in all the materials and channels produced,” says Kirsi Syväri.

Gredi’s service also strongly supports the communications of the Green League Office. All material and images, such as events, will be stored centrally in Gredi’s digital asset management service. The party office communications professionals can produce print and digital material at a much faster pace using the dynamic templates themselves.

Because the Greens are very active in social media, the social templates can be used to produce high-quality visual updates that reach the target audience more effectively, 100% branded.

“We are communicating through positivity, even if the subject is poverty or other difficult topics. Our communication is the image of our party and ourselves. It is important to have a positive, distinctive main message in campaigning for candidates, and to repeat it sufficiently in multiple channels,” says Kirsi Syväri.

Get more done with Gredi

“There are no other service providers like Gredi in the market. Gredi is a really flexible partner. Gredi’s people have been easy and comfortable to work with from the beginning,” Kirsi Syväri smiles.

Interested? Watch a one-minute video to see what you can do with Gredi Content Hub.

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Founded in 1988, the Green League’s important themes include equality, the environment and the Nordic welfare state. Today, the Green League is made up of about 200 associations operating at local, regional, constituency or nationwide level. The Greens have about 9,000 members. Political lines are decided by the party delegation. Practical activities are led by the party government. The highest decision-making power is used by the party meeting.

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