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Gredi is the leading Digital Asset Management company in Finland. Our business is independent and trustworthy, and we work with enthusiasm and have over 20 years of experience in the industry.

We provide everyday solutions that help you manage, store and publish digital material and assets. With our solutions and know-how, we make our customers’ lives easier and save time and resources. Our own innovative products and services are suitable for large companies and small businesses. We analyze the needs of our customers and offer them clear, easy-to-use, ready-made and modular solutions for integration and customization. We deliver our services on a turnkey basis.

We regularly survey our customer experience and customer satisfaction. We are constantly developing our services based on our customers’ needs. We launched a new model of collaboration – Gredi Customer Roundtable, where our customers have the opportunity to influence how Gredi’s services will be developed in the future. There shall be inspiring conversations and interactions. Call Risto and join!

Gredi Roundtable is a network of experts and companies specialized in the development of digital business, which together provide solutions to many of the future digitalization challenges. The network includes, among others: TaitoUnited Oy, Ediste Oy, Time Films Oy, Unigrafia Oy and MicroMedia Oy. This forum breaks the boundaries and perhaps produces new forms of cooperation. Stay tuned!

We are part of PunaMusta Media
Gredi is part of PunaMusta Media, that helps us grow and provides us with a valuable network of top professionals and support. The vision of PunaMusta Media is to provide customers with amazing, holistic solutions for marketing needs, ensuring the best customer experience. More about PunaMusta Media:

Our strategy is to focus our expertise on the core areas of our own products and services and to acquire the other required expertise from our partners. In support of our own agile product development, we have built a strong high-tech partner network, whose expertise is also top-notch in international comparison. That’s why we can provide modern e-commerce and PIM solutions, as well as service process analysis, always according to our customers’ needs.

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Advania Finland delivers ease and simplicity to technology overload. Advania Finland understands customers’ everyday growth pains and scales up as the company grows. Advania Finland offers IT outsourcing, digital workspace, cloud, and end-user services. Advania Finland also designs and implements digital services to support the business of customers.

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