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Create effective marketing collateral

Design and production of marketing material

When you need help with marketing material design and production, give us a call. We will create the plan, design the layout, produce the original material and process the images. We will distribute materials for you on multiple channels for printing, publishing and presentation.

Gredi’s everyday customer work routines include creative design, production of marketing collateral, asset quality management, and design and implementation of customizable web-to-print product information templates.

Digital image processing specialists modify the original images according to your requirements and you can publish the colour-managed and optimized versions on multiple channels.

Examples of our production range:

  • Brochures and ads
  • Business cards and forms
  • HTML newsletters and invitations
  • Posters, exhibition stands and other promotional material
  • Collateral for events and campaigns
  • Invitation letters, menus, etc.

We always respect the agreed assignments and you can safely leave your project to us. We will provide you with a clear cost estimate and schedule. Our production team is available to you from the start and fulfills your order in a timely and high-quality manner.

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