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Asset Management


Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Digital Asset Management is an efficient way to store, maintain, search and share digital assets, for example pictures, photos, advertising material, product information, metadata, documents, video and audio content.

Gredi Content Hub is a smart solution to control digital assets and information throughout the whole content lifecycle. Save files to the Content Hub and you can easily search, find, modify, share and archive them. All in one service.

In Gredi’s solution, brand-managed material finds the right shape quickly, easily, and wherever you are – without any image processing expertise.

Our smart digital solution uses dynamic templates to personalize frequently used material such as invitations, digital screens, brochures, business cards, posters, etc. You can choose the right versions of the same base material for various publishing channels and formats (including JPEG, PDF) and colour models (RGB, CMYK).

Any digital information can be stored in the system as well as the supplementary metadata and product information. The availability of the service is not restricted by technology, devices or the geographical location of the users.

Gredi Content Hub is also an image bank

You can archive all images, photos, and videos in electronic format. Image bank is a tool that allows you to easily share image files when your channel is social media, for example. If desired, you can integrate images into other systems as well, such as your company’s online store.

Versatile indexing and search function will bring you the material you need instantly, whether your search criteria is metadata, filename, product information or image color, for example. The image bank automatically creates thumbnails to help you browse large volumes of files.

Intuitive and easy-to-use interface

The higher the amount of data, the more important the organization, indexing and sorting of the material. We help you to design a clear folder structure that meets your needs and takes into account different user groups. That way, all the files are in the right places and quickly found by the right people.

Digital Asset Management offers measurable benefits

Digital Asset Management reduces costs, time to market and overlapping work. Costs do not increase in proportion to the number of marketing channels and material.

In addition to direct savings, Digital Asset Management increases revenue as marketing and sales activities become faster, staff time is released into productive work, the brand is unified, and the sales network uses up-to-date materials. The higher the number of users, the more Digital Asset Management will increase your productivity.

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