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Product Information Management and Digital Asset Management – Solution is Gredi


Digitalization and the increasing number of sales and marketing channels require that product information management is done correctly, and that the information is provided at the right time. Gredi’s Digital Asset Management is the answer when metadata and product information seem difficult to manage. Gredi lets you manage product information, identify, edit, and organize information more easily than ever. Your sales, marketing, and communications professionals save time and money when they don’t have to spend time to retrieve information and ensure that it is fresh. And most importantly, intelligent product information supports growth, with the goal of increasing sales and digitizing your business.


Product Information Management – All formats, all channels

Product information, metadata and value-added information are mainly digital. However, digital storage alone does not meet all the requirements of data usage and publishing. Depending on the channel, the material is needed in different formats. For example, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Vimeo and Instagram all favour slightly different video formats and limit the duration and resolution of the video. The product manager’s work is greatly facilitated by having a toolbox with automatic file conversions, workflows, and scheduled publishing on social media channels.


Metadata improves usability and raises quality

Well-designed metadata will increase the value of your photos, videos, and documents. Properly personalized and good quality product descriptions increase online sales by up to tens of percents. The system that allows scheduled and regulated publishing is an invaluable tool for the product manager. The material will not be published prematurely and will not be used accidentally without permission.

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