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Project management


Project management is easy for the digismart

Gredi’s Digital Asset Management also includes project management. Gredi’s project management provides tools that make project scheduling and phasing, project team selection, responsibility definitions, reviews and communication easy. The service reminds each user of the actions he / she is responsible for and shows the current events and phases of the project. Project dashboard shows users what campaigns are ongoing and planned and in which media.

Collaboration is strength – create clear rules of the game

Digital Asset Management community tools enable an effective cooperation between the communications department, brand management and marketing team as well as all the marketing communications partners. You do not have to send bulk emails when all parties use the same real-time service to create, comment, edit and publish the content. Access rights management allows you to ensure that each user has access only to the information to which he or she has rights.

Instructions for employees in content production

Publish examples of key workflows. Don’t focus on the features of the asset management tools but describe typical usage situations from start to finish. Prepare administrators to support other users in your organization. You also need an operating model that will give you the full benefits of digitalization.

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