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Uniform publishing on all channels

By using Gredi’s Digital Asset Management solution, the consistent and multichannel publishing of your content is fast, utilizing largely automated routines.
Multichannel publishing consists of three parts:

1. Input, ie content upload: images and metadata

Initially, the image is saved in the material bank. At the same time, metadata related to the image, such as price, product name, product code and description, is entered.

2. Personalization of material: dynamic templates

In the heart of the process are dynamic templates. They ensure that your material remains consistent even if the employee, media, country or language changes. Once you have created intelligent templates for different uses, they can be found on your system ready to use, regardless of time and place.

Dynamic templates include the right versions of logos, colors, fonts and other brand elements. The material for different applications is guaranteed to be uniform. Each user can personalize the templates for their own needs, without the knowledge of image editing or the help of professionals.

3. Channel distribution: Workflows for different channels

Finally, you submit the completed materials directly to the desired application. The image bank provides the right version of a picture for the Internet, print materials, mobile channel, social media and even newsletter usage. In print channel, Gredi’s asset management also provides tools for competitive bidding.

In Gredi’s service, the newsletter is an efficient email marketing tool. It covers all phases of a newsletter from planning to delivery and tracking. A dynamic newsletter template will help you bring in text and image content easily and quickly. Brand elements such as logos, colours and layouts are always unchanged. You can see at a glance who the newsletter has reached. Searches and analysis of responses are also handled easily.

A personalized marketing message stands out and performs better than a message intended for everyone. Gredi’s asset management produces neatly personalized messages for email marketing. You can send messages directly from the system to the customer. You can do tactical marketing and don’t need middlemen. You can save time and money; your campaign will bite better, and you can move faster. In addition, the system generates accurate reports, showing statistics and feedback.

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