Kivra and Gredi Start Cooperation

Gredi and Kivra, the leaders in the digitalized era, have started cooperation on digital brand and asset management. Kivra chose Gredi Content HUB for its Digital Asset Management system.

“Kivra’s whole ideology is based on doing good things together. Doing good needs to be easy for our customers – businesses and consumers. When I compared service providers Gredi offered the easiest customer path! That’s where it started. I knew Gredi’s service from the time I worked at Varma,” says Maija Leivo, Kivra’s Marketing Director.

Annually more than 500 million paper documents are still sent in Finland. Each one of them is a burden for our climate. The Kivra digital mailbox service wants to build a more climate-responsible and safer society together with Finnish companies and people by offering smoother digital transactions from companies to people. Kivra came to Finland from Sweden in early 2020. The service already has almost 4 million users in Sweden and 27,000 companies send digital mail to their customers using Kivra. Kivra’s mission is to make everyday business smooth and climate friendly.

“Gredi service fits our ideology because we ourselves are a hub for everyday business. With Gredi, we can provide a hub within our organization and externally for all marketing and communication materials, as well as customer relationship management – be it B2B or B2C customers,” says Maija.

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