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With the Value from Partnership model, we succeed together


When the time, money and know-how at your disposal are not enough to achieve sales, marketing and communication goals with conventional means.

We take overall responsibility for reaching the goals

In a conventional marketing communication service, the customer is responsible for success. Gredi’s Value from Partnership model takes overall responsibility for success and steers toward goals cooperatively. With the help of the partnership model, we organize ourselves in a new way around common goals and secure the resources that enable us to take responsibility for large and demanding marketing communication partnerships.

Our Value from Partnership model is based on your organization’s strategic goals and rules of the engagement, which include, for example, the service production objectives, agreed resources, and joint problem solving. We also offer digital expertise to ensure a quick and measurable payback of your marketing investment. We build a road map and operating procedures that turns your goals into smooth and responsible everyday solutions.

This is how we increase your productivity:

  • We automate routines and data flows
  • We create easy-to-navigate shopping paths
  • We make your content production more efficient
  • We build successful conversions
  • We increase your organization’s digital skills
  • We implement measurable changes
  • We bring the most effective operating procedures to your use
  • We achieve your business goals together
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