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Gredi – Digital Asset Management

Brand Management

Intelligent Archiving
and Metadata


Product Information Management
and Digitalization
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Why Gredi?

  1. Brand and Digital Asset and Content Management with one system.
  2. Customize according to your requirements. Pay only for what you need.
  3. Scale and customize to your changing needs.
  4. Speed up the digitalization of your business processes.
  5. Easy and quick deployment.
  6. Take advantage of user training and support from our professionals.
  7. Enjoy secure service.


How does Digital Asset Management enhance marketing and communications?

We will make a proposal within a week on how to raise the value of your company’s digital assets and your organization’s productivity. Check what issues our digital status review answers.

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Want to know how to get results in a short time?

During the trial period, we will show you how to manage, edit, distribute and publish your digital content to multiple channels quickly and easily.

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We guarantee that you will achieve tangible results.
If you are not satisfied you will get your money back.

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