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Gredi integrates your business systems to each other and enables their smooth information exchange. Integrations can be done using Gredi standard RESTful API or tailor-made to meet your specific needs. Gredi Content HUB can be integrated to following, for example:

Google Cloud AI

Artificial Intelligence service for creating automated metadata and search information of pics and videos.


Presentation program for creating and presenting visual slide shows.


Content management program for creating web pages.



Customer centric digital CMS platform for the needs of digital marketing and online shop.


Product information management system.


Image and video converting and delivery service.



Service for delivering product data and digital assets from suppliers to retailers.

Akeneo PIM

Product information management system.


Solution for single sign-on with direct AD integrations or with Active Directory Federation Services.


SSO/Azure AD

Cloud-based solution for single sign-on for identity and user management.

Tekla GIS

Map and register information management system for land and property management and control.


National digital library for museums, archives and libraries for utilizing and archiving digital assets.



Cloud-based platform for easing creation of customer relations, sales, marketing, service and analyzing.


Solution for inbound marketing and sales to attract visitors, convert leads and get customers.

Microsoft Dynamics

Line of enterprise resource planning software applications.



Enterprise resource planning software.


Platform for online shops.


Enterprise resource planning software for textile and ready-to-wear business and wholesale.


Adobe InDesign

Desktop publishing and page layout designing software application.


Program for title and product data management and publishing.




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Digital Asset Management Integrations

Integrate and increase the value of your digital assets

Gredi provides you with standard API’s to exchange information between your digital asset management and other business systems. Get ready-made integrations for many popular product, customer and business information management systems. Gredi will also take care of publishing the material on social media, e-commerce or other business systems.

Back-end systems Content HUB Publishing Channels
  • Product information management
  • Marketing and branding materials
  • CRM
  • Business process systems and ERP
  • Hub that collects your data to one place
  • Automated editing and publishing of material
  • Managing permissions and release time
  • Managing electronic workflows
  • Social media
  • Online shops and other web applications
  • Product information management and publishing


How do you benefit from Gredi’s integration?

One platform, all the data
  • Combine data from multiple systems with one tool.
  • Manage the brand and harmonize the material you distribute.
Automated marketing tasks
  • Standardize and automate workflows.
  • Design and control marketing tasks in one place.
Up-to-date information
  • Publish quickly.
  • Schedule multi-channel publishing.
  • Automatically retrieve and update the data in the back-end systems to all channels.
Secure Finnish solution
  • Manage your access rights, user roles and validity periods for your material.
  • You can choose between cloud solution or your own data center.
  • Scalable solution matching your business
Standard interfaces
  • Integrate common product and document management systems, customer management, enterprise resource planning, social media and e-commerce applications.
  • Benefit from standard APIs.
  • Integrate quickly and cost-effectively with the support of Gredi expert services.


Robust implementations and satisfied customer

  • Alko centralizes the image data it uses to Content HUB. Images are linked directly from Digital Asset Management to alko.fi. When a consumer explores a particular wine, the image of the wine bottle comes from the image bank provided by Gredi and the image information is enriched with product information from Alko’s product system. Read more.
  • Digismart material bank has brought more efficiency when digital and up-to-date materials are stored in one centralized system and available throughout KONE’s global organization. Read more.
  • Suunto distributes a wide range of footage, instructions and presentations to sales and marketing organizations, service centers and media representatives internationally. With Gredi’s Digital Asset Management, Suunto clarified and unified the distribution of digital material. Read more.

Examples of integrations

GS 1 Synkka (media and product information)

The Synkka service is a solution for delivering product information and digital material from suppliers to store groups and other product information recipients. More than 650 suppliers and 50 users, including Kesko, SOK, and Tuko, use Synkka. There are also numerous HoReCa companies that use Synkka.

Content HUB provides a ready-to-use interface for GS1’s Synkka service. This means that our application automatically transfers and links the product image to product information in Synkka. Gredi is a certified partner of the Synkka service. Our solution has been developed and tested in close cooperation with GS1.

Roima Codemaster (product and value-added information)
CodeMaster is software for managing and publishing article and product information. It provides various solutions to common problems with product information management – either as single or mass operations. At the same time, it also enables the processing of product information for completely new applications by combining technical and commercial product data.

InRiver (product and image information)
InRiver PIM is a flexible solution for Product Information Management. It is designed especially for the needs of the commercial processes (sales and marketing). Content HUB is integrated with product information and images, enabling product information to be automatically imported into our service, to be used for example on various dynamic and customizable product templates.

Customer-specific system interfaces (product and image information)
Various integration projects based on XML and other standards have been implemented in Content HUB, such as system interfaces for product information management, production control and various public services and online shops. Examples of these are the connections to the Government Publishing Office and the Government’s online bookstore.

Technical APIs
We offer open interfaces to integrate your other business systems into our Content HUB solution. We provide the following APIs for your use:

  • RESTful API
  • WebService APIs (SOAP / WSDL)
  • Ajax / Json
  • OAI-PMH / LIDO-xml
  • Servlet and HTTP APIs
  • SSO (Single Sign-On) solutions

We have also implemented several different SSO solutions for our customers, including native AD integrations, Azure Ad as well as integrations to federated ADFS environments.

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