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Continuous website development, site care and analytics services


Website maintenance is a continuous development process

As your partner, we help your company in the upgrades and technical maintenance of your existing website. Our development work is based on valuable site data, which is constantly produced by the analytics service we have installed on the site. With our comprehensive site care service, you ensure that your website works technically without interruptions and that version and security updates are always up to date.

Care services support sales growth

A constant stream of digital marketing messages flows through your online store and other digital channels. When your e-channels work reliably and without interruption, they also support the growth of your sales.

With our site care services, you ensure that your always up-to-date sites serve users in the best possible way. The probability of security and data breaches on websites decreases when they are updated regularly. When you outsource the maintenance of your online service, you can focus on doing more productive things yourself. Our personalized and customized maintenance service includes a monthly report so that you can easily stay up-to-date on the development of your website.

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