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Brand Management

Lead the brand effectively

Content marketing and multichannel environment are challenging for your brand management. Branded content passes through several hands and the risk of an incorrect or misbranded message increases. With Content HUB, you manage your brand effectively and improve your customer experience. All the strategic brand guidelines and manuals are stored in one place and distributed to interested parties with the right content, the right format, and in the right channels. In Content HUB, you can also find your up-to-date brand images and videos.

You can take advantage of Content HUB’s artificial intelligence and automation, such as automatic subtitling of videos. You also get seamless, intelligent integrations with different business systems. You speed up everyone’s work and create experiences of success for both your team and your target groups.

Easy and fast

With Content HUB, your brand is visible everywhere as planned. Fonts, images, colours, and proportions are always correct, even when formats and applications change. You can create content from the same one-stop shop to the Internet, printed magazines, product packages, email campaigns, and even promotional gifts. Sounds, videos and banners go along in a digismart way.

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