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Support and maintenance services

Our support and maintenance services secure the system availability and continuous operation. The maintenance agreement is tailored to each customer. Our support team takes action and reports on incidents in the agreed timeframe. When required, we help your internal support team in standby – with dedication and pleasure.

Support and maintenance agreement reduces costs

Gredi maintenance agreement saves your resources and reduces extra costs in your company. It makes cost estimation and budgeting easier as well.

The benefits of the the agreement:

  • Extra resources for your internal support team or fully outsourced support
  • Secure the functionality and operation of the system
  • Secure the continuous availability of the system
  • Minimize data security risks
  • Incident support by phone, remote support and on-site when needed


Support and maintenance services include:

  • Software updates and update validation
  • Digital content backup and system fault tolerance
  • System log monitoring and proactive responses
  • Server system and database maintenance routines
  • Server operations monitoring
  • Other services per request

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