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Efficient campaign tools for 200 election candidates

The Green League (the Greens) Campaign Manager Kirsi Syväri says that as the elections are approaching, the Greens want to make it easier for their candidates to execute their election campaigns in a brand managed way. Gredi Content HUB was a clear choice for the Greens as their campaign asset and brand management solution.

“We used to have an image editor for social media use, but that was completely inadequate for print campaigns. Candidates have asked us for a proper tool so that they didn’t need to use expensive and difficult graphics software to produce campaign ads and other promotional materials. So the need was obvious,” says Kirsi Syväri.

All candidates have the freedom to produce images and texts themselves

“Interesting people gather the most votes, we Finns love them. We are not going to control the candidates’ campaign pictures and texts. We give all our 200 candidates the freedom to produce their own marketing material in our Content HUB. With the HUB we manage our brand and the Greens’ colour scheme, logos and text types are always the same. The candidates can customize the images and the texts.”

Founded in 1988, the Greens’ important themes include equality, the environment and the Nordic welfare state. Today, the Greens is made up of about 200 associations operating at local, regional or nationwide level. The Greens have about 9,000 members. Political policies are decided by the party delegation. Practical activities are led by the board of the party. The party convention has highest decision-making power.

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All translations directly from Gredi

All translations directly from Gredi

Gredi’s customers have a great opportunity to get good quality translations and language versions quickly, because Gredi works with Transfluent. Each Gredi Content Hub customer can order “Order translation” button and feature from Gredi’s Matti Tammisalo or Risto Pasanen. After that, ordering translations from Content Hub is quick by just pressing the “Order translation” button. Then you just select the desired languages and the service will automatically show the price and delivery time for the translation.

Benefits: easy to use, fast, reliable and great quality

Transfluent Sales Director Janne Viinikainen says that Transfluent’s biggest competitive advantages are ease of use and a very fast, high-quality translation work.

“In traditional translation agencies, the project manager first accepts the work. In Gredi’s service, Transfluent’s translators take the job directly. Transfluent has translators around the world, in different time zones. So in the best case, if the translation request is made at 10 p.m., the ready-made translation is available for the marketing director at 8 a.m. the following morning,” says Janne Viinikainen.

“We have NDAs, or non-disclosure agreements with all our translators. Confidential information will remain with our translators. Especially large multinationals are very careful that their business-critical information is translated by NDA-based translators,” says Janne Viinikainen.

Brand management and terminology management with the same service

“We have people doing translation work. Each of our translators is a carefully selected and tested professional. We handle translation work for over 100 language pairs. The language pair is for example Finnish-Chinese or English-German. The range of languages is comprehensive even for the most demanding customers,” says Janne Viinikainen.

“We have a customer-specific translation memory and terminology bank, which ensures that the company’s special terminology is as it should be, and that it remains in control and unified,” says Janne Viinikainen.

Large brand owners as customers

“Transfluent’s customers are Finland’s most important brand owners. The clientele includes gaming companies, airlines, law firms, telephone manufacturers, telecom operators, biotechnology companies, industrial companies and educational institutions, among others,” says Janne Viinikainen. “Common for our customers are international operations and wide range of translation needs.”

You can handle all translation work with Gredi’s service

The Gredi Content Hub “Order translation” service is easy and convenient to use. “The cooperation between Gredi and Transfluent works particularly well, because we both act quickly in the digital world, with 100% good processes and a streamlined concept,” says Janne Viinikainen. “It gives benefits and competitiveness to both Gredi’s and our customers.”

Standard interfaces

Gredi provides you with standard interfaces to exchange information between your Digital Asset Management solution and other business systems. Get ready-made integrations to many popular product, customer, and business information management systems. You also get integration to other translation systems. Gredi will also take care of the publication of the material for you on social media, e-commerce or other business systems.

Ask more:

Matti Tammisalo, Sales Director, Gredi Oy
+358 50 583 8319

Risto Pasanen, Managing Director, Gredi Oy
+358 40 849 2620

Transfluent Oy, customer service
+358 9 231 630 84

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Transfluent is an international translation agency that operates locally. Our professional translators will carefully translate your files and texts to their own mother tongue.

Customer story: Holiday Club Resorts

Holiday Club Resorts and Gredi in cooperation

Customer story Holiday Club Resorts

Holiday Club Resorts offers thousands of different accommodation options on its website, and all of them are presented in a comprehensive way with stylish images and other content, produced by Holiday Club’s marketing department. It is easier to manage the huge number of images in a modern digital asset management solution than in website content management system.

Holiday Club Resorts marketing utilizes Gredi’s dynamic templates, allowing various digital content to be customized into branded marketing content. Whether it is printed or digital marketing material, the final content can now always be produced locally at the resort and by local staff, according to brand guidelines.

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Sinebrychoff and Gredi expand cooperation

Sinebrychoff centralizes digital asset management to Gredi

Sinebrychoff ja Gredi laajentavat yhteistyötä

Sinebrychoff desires more efficiency in marketing and communication as well as controlled brand management in communication between its own organization and customers. Sinebrychoff’s dynamic asset management solution for its restaurant customers is complemented by Gredi Content Hub where Sinebrychoff centralizes all of its digital asset management.

“We have had a traditional media bank for ages. We wanted to get more power out of digital asset management and we also needed to cut down overlapping solutions. We were searching for a modern solution that is capable of meeting the requirements of today’s digital communication and content management,” says Sinebrychoff’s Brand Activation Manager Tuuli Kajaani.

During Sinebrychoff’s history, there have been tons of different images created. Gredi Content Hub also acts as a digital archive for Sinebrychoff, and this way the company’s long tradition is conveyed digitally and securely to future generations.

“We chose Gredi because they had good references about well-functioning implementations. My own previous experience of Gredi’s service, their way of working and response to our needs was also convincing,” continues Tuuli Kajaani.

“We thank Sinebrychoff for trust and we are looking forward to working hard for our expanding co-operation. At the same time, we welcome Sinebrychoff’s team members and their entire digital media to Gredi. We will take good care of it and do our best to meet their needs in the future,” says Gredi’s CEO Risto Pasanen.

For more information, contact:

Tuuli Kajaani, Brand Activation Manager, Sinebrychoff Oy Ab
+358 44 5155 375, tuuli.kajaani@sff.fi

Risto Pasanen, Managing Director, Gredi Oy
+359 40 849 2620, risto.pasanen@gredi.fi

Sinebrychoff is Finland’s leading brewery, which produces beers, ciders and soft drinks and energy drinks. It also offers a comprehensive range of international beers and through partners a wide range of other alcoholic beverages.

Sinebrychoff started brewing in 1819. Today it is the oldest brewery in the Nordic countries and the oldest food company in Finland. Sinebrychoff manufactures Coca-Cola drinks in Finland. Sinebrychoff is part of the international Carlsberg Group.

Gredi implemented Digital News Archive for Sanomat to archive Sanoma's Crown Jewels

Gredi implemented Digital News Archive for Sanomat

Gredi archives the Crown Jewels of Sanomat by implementing Sanoma’s new Digital News Archive, which is integrated into their editorial systems.

Gredi implemented Digital News Archive for Sanomat

“Digital News Archive is a critical content service that must work in all circumstances. The platform is stable, and the benefits of accelerating the usage are already apparent. That’s why I recommend the Gredi’s operating model,” says Sami Majaniemi from Sanomat.

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Finlandia Ski Marathon was sold to China

Gredi congratulates its client Finnish Ski Association for an excellent agreement. Traditional Finlandia Ski Marathon will be held in China for the following five years 2020–2024. The venue is the city of Harbin, home to 10 million people.

Co-operation was agreed upon during a state visit by President Sauli Niinistö in the opening ceremony of the China-Finland Winter Sport theme Year 2019. The Finnish Ski Association signed a licensing and consulting agreement on the matter.

Gredi’s sports sector

Gredi’s brisk and prominent sports sector customers include the Finnish Ski Association and the Finnish Floorball Federation.

Gredi has customers both in the private and the public sectors – over 135 brand owners, including Aktia, Alko, Alma Media, Edupoli, Finavia, Fonecta, Hartwall, Kalevala Koru, Kemira, KONE, Lumon, Management Events, Olvi, Gustav Paulig, Ponsse, Sako, Sanoma, Senate, Sinebrychoff, Suunto, Tamro, YIT, as well as political parties, schools and non-governmental organisations.

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Our customer reference: Management Events

Customer reference Management Events

Management Events and Gredi in cooperation


Management Events received a digital asset management solution that enables dynamic production of sales and marketing material. Material that is related to the company’s events, intelligent archiving and real-time sharing. Previously, files were stored on hard drives and distributed as attachments. The process was tough, and the possibility of errors was always present. With Gredi’s DigiSmart solution, Management Events sales and marketing experts around the world have access to up-to-date information and materials that are always in line with brand guidelines.

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Case: Tamro Oy

Case Tamro

Tamro and Gredi in cooperation

Case Tamro: Gredi implemented Tamro’s Aino Data Portfolio system in accordance with their requirements to manage the challenges of digital asset management. The solution offers intelligent tools for marketing and communications of the entire company. It also offers technologies to enhance operational efficiency and to enable modern digital marketing. The need was to have a domestics modular digital asset management solution that will serve not only its own experts but also customer target groups and key marketing communications partners. Read the full story here.

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KONE and Gredi in cooperation

KONE and Gredi in cooperation

Our customer story Kone Corporation: The challenge of marketing and communications in a global marketplace is to deliver consistent customer and brand experience regardless of market and channel. Marketing and communication content and related digital material must be easily found, locally edited, and distributed to different channels in accordance with brand guidelines. Gredi implemented a digital, tailored asset management solution for KONE Corporation according to their needs. Take a closer look at this solution and the valuable benefits it offers.

Implement your company’s Digital Asset Management environment easily!

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Ponsse and Gredi in cooperation

Gredi implemented Ponsse’s digital and dynamic material bank solution, which collected all digital material for Ponsse’s marketing communications. The goal was to make marketing activities and brand management more efficient as well as to efficiently share marketing material and other information in different channels, in all markets and to selected users.

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Finlandia Vodka's packaging materials from a single source safely and with brand consistency

Finland Vodka's

Finlandia Vodka is exported to over 100 countries. In order to consider the needs of both production and the global distribution network in terms of product, label and packaging material information, Brown-Forman Finland must have a system and process to implement everything with a consistent brand management. The company implemented Gredi’s modular material bank solution and integrated it into the Altia Rajamäki plant’s production control system.


When products are exported to more than 100 countries, there are a lot of product labels, packaging and transport materials. While the legislation on alcoholic products varies widely between countries, it is essential to manage the whole as effectively as possible. To ensure data security and prevent improper use, all materials must be in one secure location that only authorized users can access.


Gredi provided Brown-Forman Finland with an intelligent Digital Asset Management solution that enables the management of company’s all label and packaging materials through one service globally on a 24/7 basis. The Gredi solution is also integrated with Altia’s Rajamäki plant’s production control system, which ensures that the production line controls in real time that there is the right product in production. Thus, the label and packaging material available from the service will accept and ensure the start of production.


Gredi’s solution has brought many benefits to Brown-Forman Finland’s marketing and production:

  • Product Information Management has become more effective when all digital product information and packaging materials are available in one system for a global distribution network. Searching, finding, managing, and sharing the right information is easy.
  • Information security has increased as service access rights can be managed easily and safely. Due to a user-friendly interface, all users have quickly deployed the service.
  • Gredi’s solution enables integration directly into the production control system. Manual work has been reduced. The possibility of errors in production decreases when all the checks can be done in real time directly on the production line.
  • Gredi’s service has been developed in close co-operation with the customer. Gredi has actively responded to the changing needs with a strong industry expertise.

“The continuous development of the service, the know-how of Gredi’s production team and close cooperation are the main reasons why our partnership has been going on for 16 years. Ideas are always shared, and if we have any questions, Gredi will always solve the challenge,” says Asta Seppälä-Puputti, Portfolio and packaging artwork manager at Brown-Forman Finland.

“After the latest update version of the service, we have also planned the introduction of new modules. For example, the image commentary and approval model of the materials convinced us and streamlining of these processes is in consideration,” continues Asta Seppälä-Puputti.

Finlandia Vodka

Finlandia Vodka Worldwide Ltd was founded in 2000 as a joint venture between Altia and the American Brown-Forman Corporation. The company employs approximately 4,600 people worldwide. Its brands include: Jack Daniels and Finlandia Vodka.

Finlandia Vodka Worldwide Ltd, now Brown-Forman Finland, is a 100% owned subsidiary of the American Brown-Forman Corporation. The company is domiciled in Helsinki and employs 19 people. In accordance with the existing manufacturing agreement, Altia will continue as exclusive manufacturer of Finlandia Vodka.

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