Alma Media and Gredi join forces

Alma Media Corporation has started cooperation with Gredi on the renewal of its internal and external archive user interface. Alma Media is a Finnish media group focusing on digital services and publishing, whose publications provide information on lifestyle, career, and business development in addition to news. The company operates in Finland, other Nordic and Baltic countries and Central Europe. Alma Media’s best-known publications in Finland are Kauppalehti, Talouselämä, Iltalehti and

What was the most urgent need to redesign the interface for Alma Media’s internal and external archive? “The media archive of our old system contains articles, images and pages from our newspaper production. It is based on the last millennium technology. The technology and database solution was at the end of its life-cycle, there was no support, no necessary resources to operate it and no development capacity. The system worked, but with risk management in mind it clearly needed an overhaul,” says Juha Punnonen, Head of IT at Alma Media.

“We have a certain IT architecture, how we want to build databases and user interface layers, and we follow our own standards of work in that,” says Juha Punnonen.

“A partner who has done work for the same industry benefits all companies in the industry. Gredi has been working for companies in our industry, such as Sanoma, for a long time. Gredi’s experts have a deep understanding of our industry, and it was therefore easier to get started together. Very rarely we can gain a real competitive advantage with technology only. It is the services on top of technology that we compete on. Gredi is a natural choice for us in this market,” says Juha Punnonen.

“A big thank you to Alma Media for the trust and the excellent start to the cooperation. The objective of Alma Media for the digital accessibility and usability of the archive renewal and the desired operating and working methods and process parameters for the two development projects were very clearly defined. Accordingly, we immediately got on the same page together and reached a common understanding of what to do, how to do it and of the final objectives. This made it easy to roll up our sleeves and start working together with determination. Gredi has the expertise and the greatest passion to deliver and solve the digital archive usability expectations of Alma Media’s own staff and their external stakeholders, now and in the future. I hope we will be able to meet these expectations quickly. I hope that we can continue to implement new responsible digital projects in line with Alma Media’s various needs. Improving the usability and accessibility of digital asset management is an important part of Alma Media’s broad digital ecosystem,” says Risto Pasanen, Chief Operating Officer of Gredi.

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