A global outdoor advertising company introduces Gredi Content HUB for its brand and content management in Finland

JCDecaux Finland has started a collaboration with Gredi and launched a digital brand and asset management service for print and digital assets in Finland.

JCDecaux Finland is part of JCDecaux, which operates in more than 80 countries. JCDecaux is the global market leader in outdoor advertising. The company’s prominent and spectacular advertising tools in its clients’ stunning campaigns can be found in billboards, airports and outdoor advertising. JCDecaux Finland has advertising media in 73 of Finland’s largest cities.

The service built by Gredi is called JCDecaux Content HUB. “This service puts in order the concept of content management for both digital and print all at once,” says Janne Tenkanen, Head of Technology at JCDecaux Finland.

What are the main objectives that JCDecaux Content HUB aims to achieve? “Our goal boils down to a user-friendly and secure service. Before we had a mixed and fragmented set of services, now we are unifying the whole set. We are looking for cost and lead time benefits. This service will be more efficient. It will harmonize what we do”, Janne concludes.

Superseding the legacy systems, the data portal is now implemented in a modern way that allows for many seamless integrations and serves different use cases. “We wanted to make sure that Gredi is a partner that enables broad API connectivity. We will take advantage of this in the future, for example with a service for media agencies,” Janne illustrates.

Janne explains that the first phase of the project is to complete the workflow for the delivery of print materials, which requires specialized expertise. “We saw that Gredi provides a good overall service with a versatile, highly secure and user-friendly platform.”

“Information security today is more and more about data protection,” Janne emphasizes. “We recognize that we are managing sensitive customer data in the service, such as campaign launch materials. In terms of data security, we value Gredi’s professional approach and the modernity of their tools,” says Janne.

The JCDecaux Content HUB will have its own user interfaces for internal and external user groups within the organization, such as printing houses, outdoor advertisers, and customers. “Our initial focus will be on service renewal for external users of classic print materials. And in the future, we will have a growing number of sales related use cases,” says Janne.

Naturally, quality management of the materials is already part of the service operating model, ensuring the best customer experience and satisfaction.

“We thank JCDecaux for their trust and for a cooperation that started well! Our goal is to implement the continuously evolving Gredi Content HUB brand and digital asset management service and integrations to make everyday work secure for the great team at JCDecaux and their extensive ecosystem,” says Risto Pasanen, Chief Operating Officer at Gredi.

Why did JCDecaux choose Gredi as a partner? “First of all, their impressive data security. Second, the customizability and integrability of the service. Thirdly, the idea that with Content HUB we get the best possible customer experience. The customer experience is at the forefront of everything we do, and all our selection criteria contribute to that,” Janne emphasizes.

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For more information please contact:

Janne Tenkanen, JCDecaux Finland Oy, Head of Technology,
janne.tenkanen@jcdecaux.com, tel. +358 20 775 8295

Risto Pasanen, Gredi, Chief Operating Officer, risto.pasanen@gredi.fi,
tel. +358 40 849 2620

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