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Gredi’s consulting services for digital asset management can greatly help you and your organization. Productivity and cost-efficiency are critical success factors. The number of users and stakeholders creating, managing and utilizing the digital material is constantly increasing. All this requires the security and advancement of the digital assets (images, videos, logos, pdf documents, etc.) within the company as well as in the partner network.

We provide consultation for the digital asset management


Our expertise generates business benefits for your company, related but not limited to digital asset management solutions and development:

  • Strategy work
  • Digital assets acquisition, creation, protection and management
  • Effective use internally and externally
  • Defining business targets and development areas
  • Best practices, effective tools and user guides
  • Practical onboarding plan


Take advantage of our experience and expertise


Get the current state analysis from us. The analysis will provide a clear view of the current state of the organization, an estimate of the business benefits of the new way of working, and the guidelines for the development of the operations. The repayment period of the investment, when applied in the companies that use digital asset management systematically and utilize the latest technology, is typically below one year.

Gredi’s solutions help you in customer acquisition, expansion of the customer and partner network, as well as in improving customer satisfaction. Our solution can provide savings in many ways, reducing labour costs, decreasing service and hardware investments, and reducing the need for office space or materials.

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