All translations directly from Gredi

All translations directly from Gredi

Gredi’s customers have a great opportunity to get good quality translations and language versions quickly, because Gredi works with Transfluent. Each Gredi Content Hub customer can order “Order translation” button and feature from Gredi’s Matti Tammisalo or Risto Pasanen. After that, ordering translations from Content Hub is quick by just pressing the “Order translation” button. Then you just select the desired languages and the service will automatically show the price and delivery time for the translation.

Benefits: easy to use, fast, reliable and great quality

Transfluent Sales Director Janne Viinikainen says that Transfluent’s biggest competitive advantages are ease of use and a very fast, high-quality translation work.

“In traditional translation agencies, the project manager first accepts the work. In Gredi’s service, Transfluent’s translators take the job directly. Transfluent has translators around the world, in different time zones. So in the best case, if the translation request is made at 10 p.m., the ready-made translation is available for the marketing director at 8 a.m. the following morning,” says Janne Viinikainen.

“We have NDAs, or non-disclosure agreements with all our translators. Confidential information will remain with our translators. Especially large multinationals are very careful that their business-critical information is translated by NDA-based translators,” says Janne Viinikainen.

Brand management and terminology management with the same service

“We have people doing translation work. Each of our translators is a carefully selected and tested professional. We handle translation work for over 100 language pairs. The language pair is for example Finnish-Chinese or English-German. The range of languages is comprehensive even for the most demanding customers,” says Janne Viinikainen.

“We have a customer-specific translation memory and terminology bank, which ensures that the company’s special terminology is as it should be, and that it remains in control and unified,” says Janne Viinikainen.

Large brand owners as customers

“Transfluent’s customers are Finland’s most important brand owners. The clientele includes gaming companies, airlines, law firms, telephone manufacturers, telecom operators, biotechnology companies, industrial companies and educational institutions, among others,” says Janne Viinikainen. “Common for our customers are international operations and wide range of translation needs.”

You can handle all translation work with Gredi’s service

The Gredi Content Hub “Order translation” service is easy and convenient to use. “The cooperation between Gredi and Transfluent works particularly well, because we both act quickly in the digital world, with 100% good processes and a streamlined concept,” says Janne Viinikainen. “It gives benefits and competitiveness to both Gredi’s and our customers.”

Standard interfaces

Gredi provides you with standard interfaces to exchange information between your Digital Asset Management solution and other business systems. Get ready-made integrations to many popular product, customer, and business information management systems. You also get integration to other translation systems. Gredi will also take care of the publication of the material for you on social media, e-commerce or other business systems.

Ask more:

Matti Tammisalo, Sales Director, Gredi Oy
+358 50 583 8319

Risto Pasanen, Managing Director, Gredi Oy
+358 40 849 2620

Transfluent Oy, customer service
+358 9 231 630 84

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Transfluent is an international translation agency that operates locally. Our professional translators will carefully translate your files and texts to their own mother tongue.

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