Efficient campaign tools for 200 election candidates

The Green League (the Greens) Campaign Manager Kirsi Syväri says that as the elections are approaching, the Greens want to make it easier for their candidates to execute their election campaigns in a brand managed way. Gredi Content HUB was a clear choice for the Greens as their campaign asset and brand management solution.

“We used to have an image editor for social media use, but that was completely inadequate for print campaigns. Candidates have asked us for a proper tool so that they didn’t need to use expensive and difficult graphics software to produce campaign ads and other promotional materials. So the need was obvious,” says Kirsi Syväri.

All candidates have the freedom to produce images and texts themselves

“Interesting people gather the most votes, we Finns love them. We are not going to control the candidates’ campaign pictures and texts. We give all our 200 candidates the freedom to produce their own marketing material in our Content HUB. With the HUB we manage our brand and the Greens’ colour scheme, logos and text types are always the same. The candidates can customize the images and the texts.”

Founded in 1988, the Greens’ important themes include equality, the environment and the Nordic welfare state. Today, the Greens is made up of about 200 associations operating at local, regional or nationwide level. The Greens have about 9,000 members. Political policies are decided by the party delegation. Practical activities are led by the board of the party. The party convention has highest decision-making power.

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