Gredi’s Partner Valtti Received the ISO 14001 Environmental Certificate

According to Gredi’s customer satisfaction surveys, it is important that Gredi Content HUB is a responsible, domestic and secure digital asset and brand management solution. Tens of millions of digital assets from Gredi’s customers are securely safe in the data centers of Valtti, the Gredi’s partner.

Valtti has now been awarded the prestigious ISO 14001 environmental certificate. “I am really proud that we have reached this point as a result of hard work,” says Amanda Shonubi, Environment and Project Manager at Valtti. “However, this is not yet the end to Valtti’s environmental work, but only one milestone. Now we are setting new goals and the next steps towards sustainable development,” says Amanda.

Valtti has previously had an international security management system certificate in accordance with the requirements of the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standard and an ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011 IT service management system certificate.

All certificates granted to Valtti cover the entire data center business as well as all core and support processes

“Gredi and Valtti have a great collaboration based on long-term and close work, without forgetting the importance of direct communication. Seamless cooperation is important for both Gredi and their customers, as the whole service is required to work as well as possible,” says Patrick Ekman, Service Manager at Valtti.

Valtti is growing at a good pace and has also made significant acquisitions. Currently Valtti employs 230 passionate technology experts whose mission is to bring customers to the best solutions. Valtti has recently renewed its brand. Valtti’s new value proposition states that Valtti is the least complex option on the market. Valtti understands the everyday growth pains of customers and can scale up the solutions as the customer companies grow. Valtti’s services cover ongoing IT services to support day-to-day business, as well as the development and consulting of digital work and business solutions.

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