Terveystalo and Gredi Start Cooperation

Terveystalo and Gredi Start Cooperation

Gredi and Terveystalo have started cooperation. Terveystalo is a public limited company listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange, and the largest health care company in Finland in terms of network and turnover. In 2019, Terveystalo has about 300 locations across Finland. The company also has digitalized services for customers.

Why did Terveystalo switch to Gredi Content HUB?

“We aimed for centralizing the materials and an easy-to-use service that works with a web browser,” Satu Laurila, communications expert at Terveystalo, begins. “It was also important to us that no one in Terveystalo needs to login with separate user IDs but can access the service directly with a single sign on (SSO).”

In 2019 there were 1.2 million individual customer transactions at Terveystalo, and 3.7 million doctor visits were made. Terveystalo employs more than 13,000 health care professionals, about half of whom are self-employed. Terveystalo services have the Key Flag Symbol and the company is a member of the Association for Finnish Work.

Let’s stay healthy and take care of ourselves and each other!

More information about Terveystalo can be found here: https://www.terveystalo.com/

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