NoHo (Nordic Hospitality) Partners Plc is a Finnish restaurant group behind about 220 restaurants, bars, pubs, nightclubs and entertainment centres in Finland, Denmark and Norway. The brands include the legendary Nokka, Palace and Savoy as well as Hanko Sushi. 4,500 employees ensure an unforgettable experience for customers. The company strives to achieve a better customer experience every day by giving their personnel a 500€ “You are a Star” reward.

What was the most urgent need in brand management?

“The service created by Gredi was introduced especially for two important needs. First, we wanted a single location for our restaurant brand guidelines, logos, photos and videos. We wanted all of this brand content to be in extensive use both internally and in the daily work of journalists and our partners,” says Henna Hällström, Brand Manager.

“Secondly, it was important for us to be able to quickly produce different kinds of material according to our brand guidelines. To meet this need, Gredi created ten ready-made dynamic templates that make it easy and quick to edit text and images directly in the service. Since then, our ADs have created more dynamic templates for the daily campaign-specific needs of our various restaurants. Today the menus, happy hour deals, and other important materials are made by our restaurant staff. The big benefit is that less unnecessary emails are being sent. The creativity of our own people will be put to use immediately,”  says Henna.

Brand management for very different target groups

In 2018, when Royal Restaurants and Restamax merged, the NoHo brand was born. “Different brands and brand management are extremely important to us. NoHo is an important brand for companies and investors as we are a listed company. But naturally it is less relevant to restaurant customers. For them, we want to market individual restaurant brands,” says Henna.

Elite and Savoy are classic restaurant brands that are well-known for over 80 years. New brands are constantly being created. “Especially the nightclubs have a very unique brand world. Nightclub brands are often new and change faster because people want to see and try new things all the time,” says Henna. The new brands are more attractive, and the trendsetters follow new things fast. The trendsetters bring a larger crowd with them and the brand quickly gets attention in social media.

How to get a head start on fierce price competition?

The brand plays a huge role in pricing. A trusted brand can sell at higher prices, and customers are happy to pay for perceived brand image and quality. “Especially with the more expensive brands, price image plays an extremely important role. Our idea is that all brands and campaigns must be credible and well-managed. A brand is always targeted for a specific target group. They are really different. Customers play an important role in building a brand and we want to listen to our customers when developing our brands,” says Henna.

“Content management that enhances brand success must serve users quickly. I don’t know anybody who isn’t in a hurry today! Speed ​​is an absolute forte,” says Henna.

You also need to be able to quickly access massive sized content such as videos. “Video marketing is growing a lot in concrete sales work, but also in creating a good atmosphere in our restaurants. Videos can convey the message extremely well.”

It also works in event marketing. “We organize plenty of events. They are produced after a long period of planning but also ex-tempore by our people, respectively. Dynamic templates make it easy to get an offer up and running quickly,” Henna thanks.

“I believe Gredi’s service will make us stand out from our competitors. For example, dynamic templates make us more agile in the market. All pictures and logos are easily and quickly available,” says Henna.

NoHo’s restaurants use dynamic templates in various ways – menus, food offerings, business cards, signage, campaign materials, price lists and other restaurant materials. “With dynamic templates e.g. Hanko Sushi produces its own stylish marketing material in a controlled way. It is convenient and quick to change the text and price at the restaurant.”

Everybody sees everything and can contribute new ideas

Henna has been designing and developing the service with the Gredi team from the very beginning. “Our service has been made available to everyone in the Group, starting from the management team. And to our restaurants. All restaurants can see all the material from other restaurants as well. This increases creativity,” says Henna.

“Images, logos and videos can also be uploaded from the service to media and partners.”

“The need for a good branding and asset management service is not industry-specific. In any business it will make the work of employees easier and faster,” Henna emphasizes.

What new and exciting will happen in the restaurant industry? “We strive to create ever more exciting experiences by providing new and exciting concepts. The great thing about this industry is to see the big change that the younger generation comes to the restaurant every day, not just on holidays. And these young people are always looking for new stuff. The important thing is that our restaurant selection ensures that everyone has a choice.”

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