All marketing materials in Gredi Content Hub

Founded in 1876, Oy Gustav Paulig Ab, Finland’s largest coffee house, is also active in the Baltic countries, Russia and Russia’s neighboring countries. In recent years, Paulig has expanded its business especially in the out-of-home coffee market. The company is part of the high-quality brand Paulig Group, which operates in several European countries. Paulig remains a successful family business.

All marketing materials in one place

Paulig has been relying on Gredi’s expertise in digital asset management since 2004. Collaboration began with the delivery of an image archive and a material distribution application. Thanks to these, Paulig has unified the materials in image archive and standardized them to suit different digital channels. Production and distribution of marketing material has also become more efficient. Good cooperation continues to prosper. Today, Paulig manages all of their marketing collateral with an application called Brand Tool.

A more efficient and faster approval process

Paulig’s Digital Manager Petteri Kalaoja says that Paulig has recently upgraded, expanded and upgraded the Brand Tool to a packing material approval process enabled by Gredi’s visual commentary feature.

“Our approval process is now faster and more efficient. No longer do we need to make prints as real prints, but we can do it in the Brand Tool digitally. Importantly, this also increases the transparency of everyone involved in the approval process, when everyone sees what others have commented on. This way you don’t have to come up with the same things again,” says Petteri Kalaoja.

All the materials are in line with brand guidelines

The Brand Tool can help ensure that all material is also Paulig branded. Paulig Concept Designer Jenni Salmela uses the Brand Tool daily in her work. In her view, the greatest advantage in all its simplicity is that all materials can be found in one place. “Everyone of us knows that you can find all the visual elements we need in Brand Tool, and no one needs to spend time hunting for different files,” Salmela says.

Dynamic templates make work easier

When the image archive evolved to the Brand Tool, dynamic templates were added some years ago. They make many routine jobs extremely easy – for example, business cards and posters are made with them. In addition, the templates can be used to make small changes, without having to consult a graphic designer or an advertising agency. Customers can also make customized materials. “Dynamic templates is a very smart tool,” Salmela says.

Good cooperation

When Petteri Kalaoja asks what it is like to work with the people of Gredi, Petteri gets his eyes glowing. “Risto is great! Always as cheerful and helpful. We always have a good feeling in our meetings,” Petteri says.

Paulig appreciates Gredi’s active approach to developing the system forward. In the everyday business the is hardly any time to think about how the system could work better and the development proposals from Gredi’s side have been welcome. Many of Gredi’s suggestions have been implemented, and the system has been made more user-friendly step-by-step. Keeping the materials up to date and, for example, entering metadata, requires activity from the users. Paulig product managers are responsible for the timeliness of the materials for their own products. However, managing large volumes of materials is always challenging. “Without a good tool, material management would be really difficult. The Brand Tool has proved to be a good tool here,” says Salmela.

New interest in artificial intelligence

What are the needs of Paulig in the use of artificial intelligence? For example, how would Paulig’s thousands and thousands of still images, or videos, be recorded and searched for by utilizing their metadata automatically with artificial intelligence?

“We’ve already seen the demo! We have the intrinsic wish to introduce machine learning, and now we know that it is possible with Gredi. We have been missing naming conventions, that is, how we could name and tag the material. We hope that AI will make it easier for us to get naming data directly from our product image into the Brand Tool. We are also a multilingual organization, and we are interested in utilizing artificial intelligence for language versions,” says Petteri Kalaoja.

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