Fox Networks Group

TV channel program information for
over 450 magazines and media houses

FOX Networks Group (FNG) is an international multimedia company of the 21st Century Fox Media Group. FNG develops, produces and distributes more than 350 fully owned or majority-owned documentary, sports, movie and lifestyle channels in Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa. The media advertising channels in Finland include FOX and National Geographic Channel and the online TV service FOXplay. The content includes a wide range of domestic and international series and movies, documentaries, lifestyle programs and children’s programs.

Gredi’s services streamline Fox marketing

Media company Fox Networks Group utilizes Gredi’s digital asset management in its Finnish operations in a versatile manner. The channels are full of activity and there is a lot to tell about new programmes. At the same time, the marketing and communication materials has to be well organized and easy to find and share.

“Gredi’s digital asset management supports our marketing and communication in many ways. Gredi’s Venetsia is an unbeatable service for all television operators and the media. And in addition we use Gredi’s digital asset management to communicate directly with suppliers and in-house operations,” says Elina Mustelin, Director of Programming & Marketing at Fox Networks Group.

Venetsia is a program information system used by all major Finnish television operators. It provides the latest program information, print quality press photos, and previews of selected programs for over 450 newspapers and media houses.

“When it comes to information, it is convenient to collect information packages of our novelties and distribute them directly to media representatives. Gredi’s digital asset management is an easy-to-use system. Downloading and distributing data works smoothly as expected. And it helps a lot that you don’t have to use many systems separately,” Mustelin continues.

Digital Asset Management also supports material production

Fox also utilizes digital asset management for internal use, and one important application is the production of marketing and sales materials.

All the necessary images, templates and other materials are found in one, centralized location, and the design and production of new materials is smooth. Centralized digital asset management also facilitates commenting on review versions, and the final versions are immediately available to everyone.

A service that is constantly evolving

The introduction of the service went smoothly with Fox and the users quickly adopted the functionalities. Along the way, Fox has introduced new features in digital asset management and expanded its applications.

“We have used Gredi’s services throughout our four-year existence. Collaboration has proceeded smoothly, and Gredi actively helps to develop digital asset management. We are especially interested in the automatic personalization of the material to multiple channels, the new possibilities of the moving image and the integration with our other systems,” says Mustelin.

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