More than 500 million paper documents per year are still mailed in Finland. Each of them is excessive for our climate. The digital mailbox company Kivra wants to build a more climate-responsible and safer society by offering smooth digital transactions from companies to people. Kivra arrived in Finland from Sweden in early 2020. The service already has almost 4 million users in Sweden and 27,000 companies send digital mail to their customers using Kivra. Kivra’s mission is to make everyday business smooth and climate-friendly.

Kivra appreciates the easy customer path of Gredi’s service

In practice, corporate responsibility means management, concrete everyday eco-actions and the use of sustainable services for the benefit of the whole planet. Kivra takes responsibility seriously. Kivra, which markets digital invoice payment services to its customers, uses the Gredi Content HUB to manage its own brand and brand materials.

“The service includes the materials needed by our entire organization and stakeholders. You can find logos, images, company information, press releases, marketing materials, sales materials and brand guidelines there,” says Maija Leivo, Kivra’s Marketing Director.

What was the most burning need for which the Gredi’s service was introduced? “Kivra’s whole ideology is based on doing good things together. Doing good needs to be easy for our customers, that is, businesses and consumers. When I compared service providers Gredi offered the easiest customer path! That’s how it started. I was familiar with Gredi’s service from the time I worked at Varma,” tells Maija.

“Security is extremely important in this area and for ourselves as well. The fact that Gredi has servers in Finland is of great value to us. Our customers also appreciate that,” Maija emphasizes.

“Gredi’s service fits our ideology as we ourselves are a hub for everyday business. With Gredi we can provide a hub within our organization and publicly for all marketing and communication materials, as well as customer relationship management – be it B-to-B or B-to-C customers,” says Maija.

How does Kivra handle customer relationships with Gredi’s service?

Respect for the customer and a genuine partnership are important parts of Kivra’s responsible operations. “Thanks to Gredi, we now have one service that shows relevant content for each target group, and nothing unnecessary. There is no need to search for materials through different links. We respect and value our customers’ time,” says Maija.

“We produce marketing materials for our corporate customers according to their wishes and deliver the materials effortlessly with Gredi. By doing so, we do not congest emails or send materials through many channels. In the service, our customer companies have their own material folders, where we constantly keep the materials updated,” says Maija.

“Gredi is an everyday tool  and part of our everyday life. Not just a warehouse,” emphasizes Maija.

“Everything is based on simplicity. Gredi’s service is easy to use. It is easy for our client companies and the media to find the materials. And, of course, all materials are also kept very safe.”

The different needs of different target groups can be exploited

Who are the different users of the service? “Internally we have the marketing, communications and salespeople who use it every day. Our customer service also uses it actively! Our customer service staff operates through Gredi’s service, and all material reviewed with the customer is stored in the customer’s own folder. Part of our customer service package, for example, is customer service training,” elaborates Maija.

“Even on the public side of our service, the main point is easiness and usability. You can access it directly from our website without any usernames or passwords. That is important to us. The service is free for companies and the media. There are pictures, logos and the introductory material about Kivra,” says Maija.

“Digitalization and paperlessness create huge cost savings for companies”

“Paper invoices are a huge expense for many companies. In addition, paper transactions consume our natural resources completely in vain. Then why are there still so many paper invoices? Businesses would love to put everything into digital format! In the past, it has not been easy enough for consumers to switch to digitalization. Everyday life should be smooth, regardless of the channel and the way of doing things,” analyzes Maija.

Gredi’s service fits well with Kivra’s service package and supports the ideology inherent to the service. Easy, smooth and climate friendly. The service simplifies material management and enables business growth through responsible and environmentally friendly digital asset management.

What is the best thing compared to the time before the service? “The best thing is the ease of use. Everyone has the same challenge – there is information to be searched in intranets, databases and there are different services and channels available with different partners. Centralizing digital asset management in one channel is the best solution,” says Maija.

What happens next in Kivra’s field of business? “Electronic transactions are already a strong business sector today. We are now investing more in the customer experience and streamlining everyday transactions between companies and people,” says Maija.

“Climate responsibility is at Kivra’s DNA and we just cannot overemphasize it. As a result, we are the first digital mail service in the world to receive Climate Positive certification. The carbon footprint of our service has been compensated 110%. This certificate gives value to our customers, as it means that the positive carbon footprint is automatically growing all the time for all those companies and consumers who use Kivra,” thanks Maija.

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