Valuable digital assets recovered

Ponsse Oyj is the world’s leading company specializing in the sales, production, maintenance and technology of cut-to-length forest machines. The company was founded in 1970 by Einari Vidgrén, a forest machine entrepreneur, and has been a pioneer in logging solutions based on cut-to-length methods throughout its history. All PONSSE forest machines are manufactured in Vieremä, Finland. The Ponsse Group consists of 11 subsidiaries and 26 resellers worldwide.

Ponsse’s valuable digital assets are managed by Gredi’s digismart solution

Ponsse is a strong international group with subsidiaries and distributors around the world. Marketing, sales, branding, and communication related digital material must be stored in one place. The brand look must be managed as the material is distributed to all markets. After the request for tenders, Ponsse chose Gredi’s Digismart solution for modular digital asset management. The choice was due to the additional features offered by Gredi’s solution, modularity and a easy-to-understand user interface.


Ponsse has a huge variety of digital information to manage: corporate and brand materials, brochures, images and videos, and related guides and documentation. Managing such amount of information and material on the company’s servers and distributing them to different channels by using email was a challenge. The volume of Ponsse’s content marketing activities was constantly increasing and international operation expanding. The solution had to be proven to be workable and secure, and one that only authorized users have access to.


Gredi implemented digismart Content Hub solution, which consolidated digital material for Ponsse’s marketing communications. The goal was to make marketing activities more efficient through better brand management. Another goal was efficient sharing of material and other information to different channels, in all markets and to selected users. Ponsse administrators and representatives of the subsidiaries were trained to use the service in accordance with the Gredi rollout program. With the introduction of smart dynamic product templates, local material is easily available with brand-specific lay-outs.


Gredi’s intelligent solution has brought extensive benefits to Ponsse’s marketing and sales in both the home market and the entire reseller network globally:

The digismart Content Hub has brought more efficiency when digital and up-to-date materials are now in one centralized system and available to Ponsse’s global organization. Saving, searching, managing, sharing and publishing the right information is now easy and simple. With a modular solution, you can prepare for the challenges posed by expanding operations and the needs of new user groups.

Resourcing is straightforward and easy to manage thanks to clear workflows and dynamic product templates. The customization and automation of marketing materials have made it easier to customize and distribute the material.
Access rights with user groups can easily and safely manage the entire information library. The user experience of the service has been good, and through the functionality of the user interface, users have quickly adopted the service into their own everyday use.
“Gredi’s modern digital asset management solution serves us as an international company excellently. Our distribution processes have become more efficient when there is one place where our digital assets are intelligently stored, always ready for use by all our users. The next step in streamlining is to integrate it to our other systems,” says Eveliina Pölkki from Ponsse’s marketing.

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