Effective Digital Asset Management -
the lifeblood of a global organization

Sako was founded in Helsinki on April 1, 1921. Since the year 2000 Sako Oy has been owned by Beretta, the oldest industry family company in the world. Since 1989 Sako has also produced Tikka rifles. Sako and Tikka bullets are made to withstand the toughest conditions and combine traditional weaponry skills with modern technology. Finnish sustainability, accuracy and quality, as well as know-how, are also highly respected abroad. Sako has a turnover of EUR 95 million and employs 315 people.

Effective Digital Asset Management – the lifeblood of a global organization

98% of Sako’s rifle production is exported to several different markets. Sales, marketing, and communications in the export markets are done locally according to company’s guidelines. It is also adapted to local market conditions, legislation and other requirements in each country.

In addition to their own sales and marketing organization, the materials are handled by numerous importers, traders and media representatives. In order for this to be efficient and according to brand guidelines, these materials must be intelligently. They also have to be digitally archived and easily and quickly distributed.

Gredi’s solution offered number of features, modularity, user-friendliness and the ability to customize the solution. These were the key factors that influenced Sako’s decision to choose Gredi as a supplier of digital asset management.


Visual communication plays a key role in Sako’s industry and many different image and video materials are used in marketing. The challenge of marketing and communicating in a global marketplace in today’s multichannel marketing environment is to produce consistent customer and brand experience regardless of market and channel. To make this possible, marketing and communication content and related digital material must be easily found, locally editable, and distributed to different channels in accordance with branding guidelines.

Old image bank solution no longer met the requirements of internationalization and the company was looking for a modern Digital Asset Management solution that would offer further development opportunities in the long term. The need was to get one user-friendly digital asset management solution that would be easy and quick for the company’s own experts and external importers to take in to use.


Gredi customized Digital Asset Management solution for Sako and for both the importers’ and company’s own marketing and communications needs. Gredi’s solution enables the intelligent archiving of Sako’s digital assets, as well as efficient finding and distribution of various marketing communication materials following the brand guidelines. Local import partners have been given the opportunity to localize texts, but the brand image is always in line with the brand guidelines of Sako.


Gredi’s digital asset management solution has brought benefits to both Sako’s marketing and communications as well as to importers in different markets.

  • Intelligent material bank and new operating models have brought more efficiency as digital and up-to-date materials are now in one centralized system and available for the global organization of Sako.
  • The customizability of marketing materials and the local customization have made it easier for importers to carry out marketing communications under the Sako brand.
  • The entire digital content base can be easily and securely managed with different levels of access rights and user groups.
  • The user experience has been good, and through the intuitive user interface, users have quickly taken the service into their own and everyday use.
  • Gredi’s Digital Asset Management solution provides an excellent platform for future development.

“Gredi’s modern Digital Asset Management solution serves our international company very well. The logic and ease of use of Gredi’s solution has made it an excellent daily tool for a wide range of users. In addition to basic operations, we can easily introduce new functionalities when needed,” says Suvi Leinonen, Marketing Manager, Sako Oy.

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