Jussi Koivusaari, Managing Director of Suksee, says that Gredi Content Hub was introduced to distribute hundreds of videos and digital video content to customers wisely. Corporate customers include successful trainers and media personalities like Anna Perho, Jari Parantainen and Trainers´ House founded by Jari Sarasvuo.

Sales materials for Trainers´ House personnel

Jussi Koivusaari’s team has produced hundreds of videos for its customers, such as Brightening up the corporate image in the market, Making the corporate culture visible, Speeding up recruitment, and Training the sales force. Johanna Kiviranta, Product Manager for Digital Products at Trainers´ House, says that Suksee has produced over 500 videos for them. The goal has been to enable Trainers´ House change management consultants to use digital content effectively.

“We work in close collaboration with Suksee. Holvi, created into Gredi Content Hub, enables us to retrieve and distribute materials easily to every employee,” says Johanna Kiviranta. “We use videos in sales, as training tools, as well as for our own learning. It is of paramount importance to us that the videos are easily accessible.”

The story how that sells

“Today, storytelling is the key to the most powerful communication. To this end, Suksee has a team of experts who has experience in, for example, reality TV, such as “Miljonääriäidit” and “Jutan superdieetti” reality shows. Stories play important role in business, not only in personal life,” says Jussi Koivusaari.

The dialogue with Gredi works

“Our employees thank Holvi for its ease of use and suitability. Gredi has done a great job for us, because our development suggestions and wishes have been listened to and the necessary modifications have been made quickly,” says Johanna Kiviranta.

“Gredi’s personnel treat their customers with respect and hospitability” says Jussi Koivusaari. “The process with Gredi has been straightforward from the beginning. We appreciate that the people of Gredi are easy to reach and our dialogue works.”

“In the future, we will consider expanding Gredi Contect Hub’s extensive video content to other channels,” says Jussi Koivusaari. “In addition, we will begin to test how the new artificial intelligence in Gredi’s solution would help us in recording, retrieving and managing video footage.”

Suksee wants to attract those customers that are growing fast and recruiting actively. “Companies that value high-quality, fast results, I can tell you that we can produce, for example, a 15-minute mini-document on two video shooting days.”

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Jussi Koivusaari, Managing Director, Suksee Oy
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Johanna Kiviranta, Product Manager for Digital Products, Trainers´ House
+358 40 668 6929,

Risto Pasanen, Managing Director, Gredi Oy
+358 40 849 2620,

Stronghold Suksee designs and implements digital communications, designed to influence people’s knowledge, feelings and activities. The company is doing online training, webinars and podcasts. Over three years, over 5,000 customers have purchased online training for over 1.5 million customers.

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