Varma Mutual Pension Insurance Company is a Finnish labor pension insurer. Varma is a solvent investor in the funds it manages and a forerunner in work ability management and sustainability. Varma has 900,000 insurance customers and pensioners and 550 employees. The value of Varma’s investments is EUR 43.6 billion. Varma’s corporate values ​​are: With joy and passion, reliably, sustainably and bravely. Following its primary mission, Varma is responsible for ensuring that customers’ pension assets are secured. Varma earns customers’ trust by being the most solvent, efficient and effective employment pension insurer.

What was the biggest need for Varma to start using Gredi’s digital asset management solution?

Gredi’s brand and digital asset management solution for Varma collects all materials in a format that is easy for users to find and edit. Varma’s solution has a public view for the media, for example, and a closed internal view for its own experts.

“Varma is a house of experts, and we do a lot of PowerPoint presentations. The most urgent need was to integrate all the images into PowerPoint, intended for use by Varma’s experts. And make it easy for the experts to grab images for PowerPoint presentations directly from the digital asset management service,” says Tarja Jurmu, Varma’s communications coordinator. “Now it’s easy for our experts to grab images for presentations, and most importantly, use images in the right size. The service ensures the use of the right size images so that the file sizes do not become too big,” explains Tarja.

“Managing our brand is close to my soul. Our experts follow our brand guidelines well when we serve presentation templates and images in a brand-specific way.”

“It was also important to get a decent search functionality for the materials, so that the images can be found with different keywords. The search functionality in Gredi’s service is okay – it is fast, and all the desired keyword metadata can be entered into the service. With a good search, we wanted to enable our experts to find images easier and faster, ” says Tarja.

An open public and closed internal service ensure the responsible use of brand materials for different needs

“Varma’s service has an open public side which can be accessed without a password and ID. It contains logos, pictures of the management team and experts, a brand manual and, of course, graphical guidelines.”

“I’ll give a practical example. When the design competition for Stora Enso’s new building was announced, we put pictures of the candidates in our service for the media. Once the winner was selected, I added the winner pictures to the service”, tells Tarja.

With a registered user ID, on the other hand, you get access to Varma’s closed internal side, where there is the search functionality and all the necessary brand materials. There you can find Varma’s visual look, logos, images, presentation materials, videos, business cards and dynamic customizable templates for social media use, for example.

The service includes various image themes that are relevant to Varma, such as people, real estate and responsibility. The service has also created handy shortcuts for Varma users.

Varma uses videos in many ways

According to research, the already large number of video materials in social media and marketing in general will increase in many organizations in the future. This development has been noted by Tarja at Varma. “We have help videos that have been popular on We make a lot of internal videos and, among other things, public annual report and interim report videos,” says Tarja.

The service is, of course, used by Varma’s marketing and communications staff and experts. In Varma’s ecosystem, photographers and videographers can put the material directly into the service. Media representatives, in turn, can download the material themselves directly from the service.

From Gredi’s service, it is also easy to send videos as links by e-mail, and there is no need to include large attachments.

Responsibility is actions

Brand materials are used responsibly by Varma, and Tarja and a well-designed brand and digital asset management service are taking care of that. Responsibility is widely visible in Varma, from good ideas to good actions.

“We have our own responsibility manager and corporate responsibility program. The priorities of corporate responsibility are mitigating climate change, promoting work ability and a good working life, ethics of operations and open communication, and last but not least, responsibility for the people of Varma,” says Tarja.

Thanks for the customer service

When Tarja is asked what else she would like to say about Gredi and our service, the answer comes definitely and beautifully: “It has to be said that when we have a problem we always get a quick response. The problem is solved immediately or at the latest the next day. All the people of Gredi are so wonderful! I’ll give the biggest thanks to Annika, she has been the most visible person to us when we developed the service, ” smiles Tarja.

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