From digital asset management to dynamic content management

Marketing and communication today is more targeted, automated and multi-channel than ever. Brand automation, marketing automation, digital analytics and latest technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) already allow automatic identification of the material, micro-level personalization and targeting to the desired person. Always at the right time, with the right content and the right channel. Locally, globally and on a 24/7 basis.

Digital asset management systems have responded well to this modern marketing demand. Marketing and communications materials and value-added information (metadata and product information) remain in good order and can be easily found, shared and published on a multichannel basis. In digital asset management systems, commenting on visual materials, automated workflows, and project management features have made it possible to work efficiently and enabled the use of workflows. Integrations (input & output) to the required systems are available and easy to use.

However, the challenge remains how to dynamically manage marketing content when it needs to be edited in real time, regardless of location and time, and in multiple channels simultaneously. Or how to make sure that all marketing communication is always in line with the brand image, with more and more parties involved – partners, customers, retailers and people in your organization around the world. And most of all, how to make all this cost-effective, easy and controlled.

In addition to traditional asset management, Gredi Content Hub is a dynamic management solution for marketing content. Images, videos, texts, product information, different files and formats will become ready-to-use channel-specific content as they are edited in the creative process according to customers’ brand strategy and published in different channels. Traditionally, this process has been controlled by marketing communications partners, digital agencies and specialists of different channels, in addition to the customer’s own organization. The process itself works but has too many phases and often takes too much time and is expensive.

Gredi Content Hub is a smart digital marketing solution for marketing and communications when

  • Time-to-market requirement is immediate
  • Activities need to be implemented in multiple locations in real-time
  • Content must be both tailor-made and according to brand guidelines
  • There are many different stakeholders involved in content production and publishing
  • It requires publishing in several channels at the same time
  • The targets must be measured on a monthly basis?
  • Access rights need to be up-to-date?
  • Managing the whole process is important and you want to avoid duplicate work

No marketing or communication model, tool or system alone will make you happy. When a company wants to succeed in marketing and communication and best serve its customer, it is necessary to have the ability to manage and combine creative content in different channels, services, systems and meeting points. Agreed practices already at the beginning of the content generation process are crucial. Different systems include marketing automation software, web pages, PIM system and content publishing systems. And above all a highly integrated dynamic content management system Gredi Content Hub.

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