Artificial Intelligence is enhancing Digital Asset Management

Deep Learning, Neural Networks, Artificial Intelligence, AI. AI is an emerging, fast-evolving field in almost all industries and all businesses. Artificial Intelligence is here to stay, and it speeds up the use of a wide range of consumer, business and public sector information services.

You might not even notice that you are served by artificial intelligence. AI travels through gigabytes of data in seconds, it can see your footprint on the services you use with smartphones and computers, and it is able to suggest just the right deals and offers for you. AI is constantly learning more and more, and it is never overwhelmed by huge, ever-increasing amounts of information. On the contrary, it works even more efficiently. That is why it is an extremely powerful tool for marketing and sales.

Successful companies have already noticed that AI is very powerful especially when combined with the traditional human intelligence and social interactions guided by human emotional intelligence. Still, artificial intelligence is often described as future technology. Why? It is already commonplace in many services such as Gredi Digital Asset Management. In the beginning we use that traditional human intelligence and create a common operating model with our customers. Our professionals’ expertise and experience from different customer sectors will always benefit our new customers. We also learn more with our customers.

Metadata improves usability and quality

Everyone talks about metadata, but what is it and what is it’s significance in managing digital assets. Metadata, or additional information or descriptive information, is information about information or abstract information about a file or content. Metadata creates the basis for searching and utilizing data. A prerequisite for well-functioning asset management is a sufficiently detailed and relevant metadata attached to the digital assets.

One of the most profit generating and, therefore, the most important content type for customers is an image in different formats: product picture, advertising image, personal photo, product video, corporate video or other visual material. The images and videos are often utilized in full potential in marketing and communication. The desired goal is to make images easy to find, process and publish on multiple channels.

The metadata attached to the images significantly improves the usability of the data management service and increases the value of the company’s digital material. In theory, there can be an unlimited amount of metadata. The real challenge is to take the time and resources to add metadata – if there is no AI to be utilized.

AI Image Recognition automatically creates metadata

Storing and finding images is now much easier, facilitated by the AI inside the Gredi Content Hub. When you add an image to the service, the service automatically creates metadata (such as search terms) using image-recognition technology based on artificial intelligence, and adds the metadata as image identification information and search words.

The metadata and the details created by AI can be controlled by the desired criteria. Metadata can be created in multiple language versions, and the text can also be recognized directly from the image. It is recommended to test and validate the level of detail on a case-by-case basis.

Combining artificial intelligence and human intelligence includes many benefits

Thanks to the Gredi AI, marketing professionals can leave routine work on the system, and focus themselves on other important tasks. It is very practical, profitable and rewarding when you have an intelligent tool that simplifies routines and helps you manage information. Our customers say

that with Gredi, they have learned to manage digital assets easier, faster and with better quality. For example, AI detects errors improving quality management immediately.

Our customers especially like Gredi’s service orientation and that we come to the customer site to help. It is also very important for our customers that all of their digital assets are stored securely in EU/Finland.

Gredi Content Hub introduces AI to improve your business

Gredi introduced the use of artificial intelligence-based image recognition technology in its digital asset management service and validated its performance. The results have been excellent and the new feature was introduced to the Gredi customers in April 2018.

Do you want to know more and see how Gredi’s image recognition service works? Contact us and we will give you a demonstration.

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