Simplify marketing, multiply results

Easily said and even more easily done today

In his vastly successful ”Sales Rebellion” seminar and the book with the same name, Mika D. Rubanovitsch asks if the machine will replace human sales people? Masterfully, Ruba guides sales and marketing decision-makers to the digital world and answers the question. Our answer at Gredi: The machine will not replace great people in sales or marketing. Instead, the machine helps people do their work more efficiently, better, faster and more safely. Also, add multiplied results. Let’s give you a few examples.

How is it done?

You can simplify your marketing by contacting Gredi. We will show you how to simplify your marketing with digital asset management. The most powerful tool for digital asset management is Gredi Content Hub. It provides smooth brand management, smart digital asset and product information management, and intelligent archiving. It helps you automate marketing processes and utilize artificial intelligence.

Example 1: Save hundreds of thousands of euros

An international company has subsidiaries in 30 countries and uses the whole range of marketing arsenal. The social media channels are in active use in 12 languages. The budget for ad agencies is in millions and the company is launching 300 marketing campaigns in a year.

With Gredi’s Digital Asset Management, the company’s cost savings are 660,000 euros in a year. Artificial intelligence and automation take care of routine tasks. For example, when adding a picture or video to digismart Gredi Content Hub, the service automatically creates metadata and product information from the image data using AI-based image recognition technology. Next, the service automatically indexes the search terms and attaches them as identification data of the digital asset. No more misspellings, no more routine work. When creating the published versions, the quality of the material is superb, thanks to dynamic templates that prevent the misuse of logos, colours, fonts and other brand elements. The brand image will be consistent in Europe, Asia and America. A digismart enterprise can make changes in real time, 24/7, and overnight.

Example 2: Prevent irreparable loss of data

A Finnish growth company has a challenging position in the market and tough growth goals. The company decided to invest in marketing. The marketing people travelled around Finland in order to photograph hundreds of marketed properties. Thousands of kilometers and dozens of hotel nights later the material and image archive was complete.

Then, the server crashed. All valuable material were lost and the work had to be started over from scratch. This time it was done in the digismart way. First, Gredi Content Hub was brought into play. Subsequently, the sites were photographed again and the material was re-produced. All digital assets are now stored safely. Images, logos, texts, videos and other content are easily put in brochures, announcements, and banners using Gredi’s dynamic publishing templates. The company saves all its ad agency costs. And the marketing people can sleep well.

Example 3: This makes your work easier and more fun

Did you lose your pleasure of work the last time you were frantically looking for the videos and pictures needed for the campaign, from a network drive, laptop, memory stick, smartphone and co-workers? And didn’t find them. You can feel the panic creeping in. A deadline is a deadline, and all the versions of the campaign material for different media as well as social media postings need to be fixed.

With Gredi Content Hub you would be ready already. Content Hub also keeps your digital assets (videos, images, ads, and a variety of promotional materials) safe. The material can be found in one place for your employees, network, resellers, and advertising agency partners 24/7, just by using Gredi Content Hub. Easily, quickly and in exactly the right format for different media. The brand management is guaranteed.

Want to try it yourself?

Trial use is now easy, as we at Gredi will give 100% satisfaction guarantee. We have great customers who are already working in the digismart way. Read more about real-life successes:

Do you want to see how Gredi’s simple but brilliant digital asset management works? After a demonstration, you’ll realize immediately why we are so excited. Simplify marketing, multiply the joy of work.

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