Integration increases the value of information

Integration increases the value of information

Business is easily siloed between different business units, information systems, and even individual experts. Integration of information systems helps to overcome these barriers. The value of the information also increases when it is properly combined.

Online sales will increase when product descriptions are up to date. The value of the shopping cart will increase when you can recommend additional services to your customer based on their previous purchase history. And the loyal user base is more satisfied when it receives information about their favorite brand through social media.

We listed six suggestions related to the integration of your information systems that will add value to your digital assets.

Information Systems Integration:


  • Create a holistic view. The information in non-integrated systems or files is not as productive as it could be. If you need to collect data from many sources, the job is easily neglected, or at best the results are outdated quickly. By using digital asset management solution and platform, you can automatically import comprehensive product and customer information. You will see the big picture at one glance. You can create messages that provide information and sell your products well.
  • Display the information. Encrypted product information sells poorly. Make sure that the information you create in the digital asset management solution reaches your customers immediately. Use automated workflows to publish data from multiple systems directly to a website or in your online store.
  • Combine. Comprehensive information is more valuable than fragmented details. Ask your customers what information they need to support their decision-making. Make a plan on which information integration will improve the customer experience and increase your sales the most.
  • Decentralize work, gather results. Build tools for your content management network to deliver material quickly, in the right format, and in the right place. Let the system take care of automatic editing and classification of the material. Centralize the material you gather on a digital asset management platform where your sales, marketing, and product management users can easily create campaigns and other messages to your customers.
  • Make sure the information is up to date. Synchronize data between systems in real time. Avoid versioning information on different systems.
  • Develop communication with your partners and business units. Provide comprehensive answers to your customers. Collect information from different business units, systems, and partners. When you work on behalf of your customers, you make it easier for them to make decisions and lower the threshold for buying.

More customers will make their purchasing decisions long before you have the chance to talk to them. Integrate the information lying in various systems to provide your customers with the information and experience they need to make decisions without face-to-face meetings.

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