Digital Asset Management is not an IT project

Digital Asset Management is not an IT project

Your company needs help with automating marketing and managing digital assets. Does it mean that you should be expecting a months long IT project? The outcome of which will depend on a thousand variables, including the position of the stars?

More than 10 years ago, digital asset management would most likely have meant launching an IT project, writing technical specifications, testing, and fixing system errors. Overall, secondary work for your organization.

Luckily, there is a faster way today. You can deploy a new digital asset management solution within hours. And without any IT specific tasks.

You can model processes and test basic routines right away, minimizing all risks. You can fine-tune your processes and setup integrations in just a few hours and eventually introduce your users a ready-to-use package during the same week. Nothing like a traditional IT system project.

You can focus your resources on motivating your organization and developing content. By providing your users with highly developed and tested workflows, you can avoid unnecessary technical discussion and get the most from your investment. *

Let’s compare the traditional project-driven and modern cloud service model.


Traditional IT Project Cloud Service
“The IT department must first evaluate whether we can use this technology.” “The technology is not an obstacle or limitation when the application works with a browser.”

“We need to get the hardware first and agree on support responsibilities.” “Let’s start using this! Right now!”
“We need to have a meeting and define what features we need.” “Here are the workflows proven to be effective. Choose the best ones for you. ”
“Our development roadmap has other projects before that. Our IT resources are tied to them. ” “ Yes! Deployment does not require IT department resources. ”

“The functionality and usability of the system can only be seen after the software is customized and deployed, and the users trained.”

“After one hour introduction, any user can try their own workflow in the right environment with the real system.”

The cloud based solution is the right one when you want to develop your marketing and content management without technical IT talks.

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