Five steps of digital intelligence

The company’s digital asset management solution as well as the way company operates it, has a significant impact on the efficiency of its marketing. There are five steps on the way to a smart digital operating model that takes the best out of digitalization. Read the following to see if there are efficiencies to be gained on your own development path. If so, we’ll be happy to help you.


These five steps of digital intelligence guide your business towards the goal of a constantly evolving business model:

LEVEL 1: No operating model
Each project and campaign are launched from scratch. The graphical guideline guides the operation and the consistency of assets with the corporate identity is reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Communication is based on email, ad hoc project organizations and ad hoc goals. The material and all of its versions are stored on the network drives.

LEVEL 2: Rules of the game
Projects have a foreseeable schedule with clear monitoring points. Content producers know the goals and requirements of their work. All versions of marketing, product management, and communications material are done manually and case-by-case.

LEVEL 3: Standardized asset management
There is a Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution that supports working. It is used for version control and material distribution. Some of the basic campaign and communication tasks are automated. There are clear guidelines for the product descriptions, according to which the products are at least generally described.

LEVEL 4: Standardized operating models
In addition to Digital Asset Management (DAM), there is a clear format for operation. This means that content production approval points, goals, and technical requirements are clearly set and communicated. Brand materials are centrally managed and most of the data can be generated and managed automatically. Publication, for example, in social media channels is also automated and takes place directly from the digital asset management solution.

LEVEL 5: Continuously evolving
Every project and campaign further improve the operating model. Each participant can intervene in faults and poorly functioning parts of the process. The results of each project are compared with previous performances. Productivity is measured, and its improvement is proven.Five steps of digital intelligence.


Gredi is an expert in digital marketing and digital asset management, helping in all these levels. Gredi’s digital asset management solution is tailored to the needs of companies at different levels, whether the need is material / content / image bank, product information management (PIM) solution, e-commerce solution, multi-channel publishing, web-to-print, web-to-web, or intelligent archiving.

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