3 requirements for smart digital marketing

The world of marketing has changed

Even the best expert is not able to monitor communication on all channels in real time. Instead, he needs an overall picture of ongoing campaigns and requirements for future operations. With good tools, your content manager leads content producers, other partners, and marketing and communication channels like the captain conns the ship.

Prerequisites for digismart marketing

1. Operating model
Cost-effective use of digital assets and value addition (Digital Asset Management, DAM) require you to measure and capitalize on branding, product marketing material, product information management (PIM), communications, and intelligent workflows. Multichannel environment requires continuous versioning of the material and control over the marketing activity chain. The material and its value-added data (metadata) have publishing and expiration dates, which you need to manage with the right operating model.

2. Tools
You will need digital, modular and customizable tools to take strict control of your digital assets. With the right tools, you manage your brand image, product information, and the requirements of the publishing channels. You control the work of your team, regardless whether the supply chain consists of your own business units or subsidiaries, or external service providers. For example, a right tool is one centralized material bank that makes content management effective.

3. Know-how
The technical requirements of various channels require you to properly communicate to the producers of the digital information. You may not be able to acquire special expertise from all areas to your organization, but instead you need proven and standardized operating models and ways to communicate and monitor their requirements.

In addition to these basic prerequisites, you will get good practical tips on all the possibilities to get the most out of digital marketing and business.

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