7 tips for efficient brand management

1. How do I make my brand appear correctly in the media?

You centralize all your images, logos and other branding material in one digital asset management service and provide media representatives easy access to download the material from your website. You can forget emailing the material and there is no hassle with the user IDs.

2. How do I make sure that my reseller uses my branded sales materials?

You centralize all your marketing and sales materials in one digital asset management solution. When you import and update all the materials there, you know that the right materials are also available for your dealer network.

3. How do I manage my brand globally?

By using centralized digital asset management solution, all brand-related material is used in the same way in every corner of the world. Just set the access rights so that you know who can use and edit the data.

4. How do I speed up the production of brand material?

With the dynamic templates, anyone can edit and personalize the created material without editing programs. If you use a multichannel publishing tool, you will automatically get the right versions of the original material for print, web, mobile, social media and newsletters.

5. What systems do I need for managing the brand material?

One digital asset management solution that helps you to use the functionalities, you really need. The modular design of the solution ensures that you can easily deploy new features to suit your needs. Why would you use a separate system for email marketing, for example?

6. How do I make sure people do not play solo?

There are clear brand guidelines that are always available to everyone who use the material bank. The user always finds instructions if needed. The user always sees up-to-date rules on the use of, for example, your brand’s visual elements.

7. How do I increase my brand’s productivity?

See six previous tips. Save time and money by reducing hassle and overlapping work. At the same time, your brand will appear consistent and correct everywhere and, in every channel, just the way you want it.


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