Top 5 benefits of Digital Asset Management

At its best, digital asset management can provide the company with a number of valuable benefits. Below are the five most common ones.

Consistency of the brand image

The brand value is high on the priority list of companies seeking success and long life. The brand that has been created with hard work needs to be taken care of and its consistency must to be ensured everywhere. When company grows and more people are involved in the material handling, the risk of a false brand image gets higher. Gredi material bank gives the company the opportunity to manage all of its digital assets, thus reducing the risk mentioned above. When Gredi’s solution is used for archiving and sharing, old material will not be used by employees and partners.

“We now have the assurance that our brand will appear everywhere as planned.”
–Timo Leppä, Vice President, Communications, Kemira


Dynamic templates are especially helpful when maintaining the consistency of the brand image. They can ensure that all outgoing material has the correct logo versions, colours, fonts, layout and elements. The best thing about dynamic templates is that after a brief guidance, any employee can produce brand-managed content. When every ad or brochure does not need to be created at the advertising agencies, the campaigns can be produced faster, and money will be saved.

File sharing

Once all the data has been transferred to Gredi’s secured servers, there is no need to move them anywhere. You can share your files in a controlled way with your partners, without a fear that they are stuck into people’s emails or elsewhere in the digital space or get into the wrong hands. Sending large files can be done smoothly, and their availability can be modified.

“The sharing of digital material is now possible for various user groups without the risk that the information would go to the wrong parties.”
– Janne Kallio, Head of Digital Marketing, Suunto Oy


Large files such as printable images or video files cannot always be sent as email attachments. There are various types of cloud services available for transferring the data, but their security is not always guaranteed. Large video files can be uploaded to the material bank, and their distribution to partners goes smoothly and in a controlled way. The files that the customer wants can be delivered faster and no time is wasted in searching them.

Visual commenting

When designing marketing materials, there will be many different draft versions that may get mixed or lost when sending them by email. Gredi’s visual commenting feature makes communication with advertising agencies and other designers easier. The latest version is always available and clearly marked, and suggestions for improvement can be drawn and written directly to the draft version. This is how designers know immediately what to change to the next version.

To make commenting easier, you can define multiple comment rounds for each draft. In addition, each round can be given a time limit for submitting comments. The material bank also shows who has already commented, so you can kindly remind those who have not yet done that when the time limit expires.

Search and reuse of the material

Many companies do a lot of extra work if old materials are not reused. Many files, such as images, ads, or exhibition materials, could easily be modified to meet new needs. Usually, the reason for the lack of reuse is that after use, the original material is lost to the hard drives. When all the material is centralized in the material bank, finding the files you need is easy every time. Time and money are saved when you don’t have to build every campaign or ad completely from scratch.

“The Brand Tool has all the visual elements we need, and no one needs to spend time searching for the files.”
– Jenni Salmela, Concept Designer, Oy Gustav Paulig Ab


According to a research conducted by IDC, a marketing and IT research company, it takes an average of nine hours a week for information and file searching. The material bank speeds up the day-to-day search of the material, with all the material clearly defined in one storage location. In some content management tools, the files are shown as a list, but Gredi’s ability to show preview images of the files makes searching easier.

Process enhancement

Systematic and well-designed digital asset management reduces the need to do unnecessary work. At best, up to a third of your working time is saved. Finding material is smoother when everything can be found in one place. The amount of duplicate work is reduced when the original material can be used in a variety of ways and there is no need to produce all the material from scratch. Advertising campaigns are better in control and can be launched faster.

“BrandTori is the foundation of our marketing. It’s a storage as well as a commenting and distribution tool.”
– Jyrki Hutri, Marketing Manager, Lumon Oy


Most of the marketing needs can be managed within the material bank. Newsletters are easy to compile and send and they can be tracked directly from the solution. Other features that enhance day-to-day operations include Gredi’s web-to-print and web ordering services. With web-to-print, all print material can be sent directly to the printing house. Through web ordering service, all other material (exhibition stands, PR material, clothing, etc.) can be ordered directly from the supplier.

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