Publishing automation is the best solution to streamline the publishing process

Before the content is released to target audiences in the desired channel and format, it has gone through a long and often complex production process, regardless of whether it is digital or print. The ever-increasing need to publish content quickly across different channels, devices and formats requires an efficient publishing process and an intelligent publishing automation solution.

Making the publishing process more efficient starts with a thorough current state analysis

Before putting the different steps of the publishing process into production, it is important to look at the whole production and publishing process and identify bottlenecks and areas for improvement. A detailed analysis of the current state of the production process will reveal any manual steps that slow down the process or add to its complexity, often unnecessarily. The analysis of the production process also reveals well which steps of the process can be automated and which technologies can be used.

Revealing the bottlenecks in the process

To identify bottlenecks in the production process, it is always a good idea to go into detail about all aspects of the publication workflow from the perspective of all parties involved. In addition to the production perspective, it is also necessary to review the workflows with the buyer and product manager, as well as with marketing and project management. Some of the issues to be defined together include:

  • Sources of product data, importing and editing
  • Sources of image data, management, file formats and naming conventions
  • Sources and maintenance process for pricing data
  • Layout designs, styles, and document settings
  • Campaign-specific data
  • Print proof traffic and commenting


Typically, the publishing process is slowed down by the need for editorial instructions, numerous rounds of proofs and the many manual steps involved in commenting and communicating them. Without modern product information or campaign management tools, the publishing process is laborious, difficult and time-consuming.

Clear targets and right solutions

After a thorough analysis of the current state, it is easy to define clear objectives and, above all, to decide which parts of process to develop first. When the target is to get the most out of every stage of the production and publishing process, the best solution is to implement publishing automation. The benefits of a modern publishing automation solution are obvious:

  • Simplicity: automated information flow
  • Increased productivity: no more searching for data in different systems, no more copy-paste, no more unnecessary review rounds
  • Updatability: a quick way to update product images and data, such as prices for campaigns
  • Customizability: the automatically generated layout can be freely edited
  • Quality improvement: no typos, calculation errors or mishaps in thinking
  • Smart use of freed-up time: staff have time for more value-added work
  • Scalability: easy system integrations, automatic language versions, faster time to market


Gredi publishing automation makes editing highly efficient

Gredi offers a comprehensive, multi-channel solution for publishing automation, whether it is a digital or print publishing process that can be automated and integrated. Gredi Content HUB enables the most automated approaches and the most modern, easy-to-use tools for different use cases. For content producers, the ability to produce, layout and reuse the same content across all major channels is enabled. This saves time for content producers and effort for brand marketers.

Gredi Content HUB dynamic tools, value-added data management features and new publishing automation “AutoTaitto” are integrated to a seamless publishing automation process that brings speed, ease, quality and a whole new level of publishing possibilities.

Read more about publishing automation here!

Make the most of publishing automation in your organization

Gredi in-house publishing automation solutions are easy and fast to deploy. Whether large-scale layout jobs or marketing materials that require dynamic personalization, Gredi’s solutions can meet every need.

Please feel free to contact us for more information:

Tero O. Nieminen, Gredi, head of publishing automation,, tel. +358 50 464 2045

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