How does a digismart brand manager prepare for the future?

digismart brand manager

The communication playing field has been highly fragmented in recent years. Emerging technologies have generated new channels and communication tools. The old media hang on and some still play a significant role. The abundance of valid options poses particular challenges for channel management and message adaptation to different formats. How do you manage the whole in the way that the requirements of comprehensive communication do not hugely inflate and unified brand management can still be possible?

In addition to communication tools and channels, brand management is also changing. To reach your customer, your brand message needs to be implemented in a number of media – the time for communication based on only one or two channels is over. In some communication channels, such as social media, complete control of the brand is impossible. As the customer has become an active player and content provider in social media channels, the authenticity and honesty of brand communication is emphasized.

The brand image is built on all the brand-related experiences and images the customer encounters over time. A mere well-thought visual look and marketing efforts that reinforce the brand image are no longer enough. The customer experience of the brand can become very different from what the owner of the product or service intended. As customers are able to communicate their experiences instantly and globally, brand management has become more and more reputation management.

People associated with the brand also influence the customer’s image. Every employee in your company represents your brand – voluntarily or involuntarily. Your resellers and their employees can be added to this reputation chain. And the service representatives associated with your product. Coordinating the image conveyed by these parties according to the values ​​and goals of your brand places considerable demands on your brand management.

Digismart brand manager prepares for the future

Fortunately, technology offers good solutions. When every employee in a company is a potential brand ambassador, brand awareness and material with a unified look will spread to everyone on Digital Asset Management ecosystem platforms like Gredi Content HUB. Digital tools, artificial intelligence and automation significantly facilitate message targeting and customization. When used properly, they enable a new level of cost-effective personalization. Or create user-specific and even recipient-preferred content. Brand management routines are also speed up and number if errors is reduced when at least some of the tasks are delegated to the AI.

A strong and well-managed brand grows faster than its competitors. It is also an advantage in recruitment. Brand management is still basically about building a distinctive, memorable and well-known brand. The playing field though has expanded and become more complex. There is more to manage and control. By automating the basic routines of the digital asset management ecosystem, unifying operating models, and planning the path to competence development, you have already taken a big step toward smart digital brand management.

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