Home office efficiency jump

Home office efficiency jump

Now that work communities have disintegrated and employees have been forced to work remotely it is the right time to ensure that your employees have an easy access to your digital assets. Working from home is functional and efficient when the tools are in order, communication is working, and you have all the materials and information you need. At this point, a Digital Asset Management solution like Gredi Content HUB makes your life much easier.

Remote work is here to stay. Its popularity is undeniable. For example, according to the State of Remote Work Report, 99 % of respondents wanted to continue working remotely throughout their careers. And 95 % were willing to encourage others to work remotely.

In many areas, remote work is becoming a matter of course for workers. Offering possibilities for working from home is an asset for the recruiters and an expression of trust in employees, respectively. A responsible employer minimizes the travel needs of its staff. And ensures that the conditions for remote work are perfect for everyone.

Your potential talent pool will grow global if you can guarantee your experts access to your information regardless of time and place. For remote workers, the proximity of the head office does not matter if the information flows seamlessly. And the tools support communication in all forms.

DAM supports remote work

The Digital Asset Management cloud service is the place where your employees will find up-to-date data and where they are able to produce all materials according to brand guidelines independently. Sharing content, commenting and publishing materials is also effortless. Digital Asset Management supports version control of your remote workers’ files and prevents the spread of invalid material.

When you open the access to your Digital Asset Management solution to your partners they can download your material at the most convenient time they prefer. The content producers can transfer their materials directly to your service without unnecessary intermediaries. The work-in-progress will no longer be stuck in anyone’s email.

Integrate all your information sources into Gredi Content HUB. Your employees have a unified view of your digital assets and vital information. This speeds up and simplifies work.

Rationalization of work tasks and reduction of unnecessary routines, in combination of the positive responsibility of working remotely, improve the well-being of employees at work and their work ability.

With the Digital Asset Management solution, you will update your old ways of working and your workflow to be even more efficient. At the same time, you can automate your routines and eliminate unnecessary work. Some of the repetitive, manual work is handled by the artificial intelligence of the Digital Asset Management solution. You can also streamline your company’s remote work practices and polish up their reliability to the top.

Source: https://buffer.com/state-of-remote-work-2019

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