More Power To Remote And Group Work!


The past year has revolutionized work practices. With the corona, remote working became a new normal. The model of place-independent work was hastily ramped up in many places where it did not previously exist.

Now that you have gained experience you should pause and evaluate how successful the digital leap of remote work was. Is your organization thriving towards success at an even faster pace and inspired by new operating models? Or are your knowledge workers stuck in the challenges of remote work?

One of the biggest challenges of remote working is the difficulty of teamwork. When a physical connection is lost advanced digital solutions are needed to make the virtual work environment support teamwork.

According to a study by Boston Consulting Group, communication, mental and physical well-being and the available tools are the key elements of the remote work productivity.

More than half of the workers who switched to remote work felt that group work in particular had suffered, and 40 per cent also felt that work efficiency had decreased.

However, remote working is here to stay: 40% of the companies surveyed expected employees to continue working remotely, full time or part time. Remote working has also become a significant recruitment asset: 60% of workers interviewed wanted the opportunity to work remotely in the future as well. Thus, a virtual workspace was not a quick fix for one epidemic but has an important and justified place in the development of the working environment of the future.

An efficient and sustainable remote work model must offer employees the same digital opportunities as traditional office work, says BCG’s research.

The tools must enable smooth teamwork in a digital environment, regardless of time and place. Nearly 90% of companies surveyed said investing in remote work technology is on their priority list.

Digital interactions need impressive communication

In remote meetings, the communication toolbox is more limited than in face-to-face meetings. In the worst case the conversation is riddled with disconnections. Digitally presented material greatly benefits from clarity, branding, and timeliness and these features are emphasized when the usually reinforcing elements such as gestures and facial expressions, environment, sounds, and scents are barely conveyed to the recipient.

You can ensure that your message is fully communicated by using high-quality and consistent digital format that flexes seamlessly across different channels and formats.

We compete for the attention of customers, and we need to stand out from the crowd

Digital channels and marketing automation have increased the flood of messages your customers face. Getting attention in the future will not be easier. In the sheer bulk of the messages, the senders that best identify the customer’s needs will succeed. The volume, channel and timing also matter. Your customer understanding will improve as you track the delivery of the messages you send and analyze your customer’s reactions.

Digital asset management increases the accuracy of your messages as you can target them better. With automation, you can distribute up-to-date, accurate and brand-managed messages in the right formats to different channels.

Brand-controlled and easy-to-read material tells a memorable story

Of the thousands of messages, the stories that feed the imagination and emotions are the most memorable. The power of the image is enormous. Therefore, the importance of the visual look of a message should not be underestimated. Your familiar, unifrom brand look is more likely to stop the recipient at your message.

Make sure your remote meetings leave your customers with a positive image of your business. High-quality, easy-to-understand sales material communicate the reliability and professionalism of your company, even in the smallest details.

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