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Sales performance drops if time is spent on the wrong things

A major cause of sales inefficiencies for businesses is that salespeople spend their time on unnecessary or wrong things. If a sales presentation needs to be prepared from scratch for every sales meeting, or if it’s difficult to find up-to-date sales presentations or sales support materials, it’s no wonder salespeople get frustrated. When focus is lost and not enough time is left for actual sales work or customer relationship management, sales performance drops and targets are not met.

Gredi Content HUB is a salesperson’s best friend

When you need more power for sales and more time for good sales meetings and customer relationship management, the Gredi Content HUB is the perfect solution. Its unique benefits include:

  • Gredi Content HUB cloud-based service ensures that up-to-date sales materials are promptly available. Your materials are always in line with your brand guidelines and contain the right sales arguments, whether sales presentations, videos or any other type of material.
  • Sales materials are easy to edit and personalize according to the customer and circumstances, on any device, from any online access point.
  • Heavy files in the Gredi Content HUB do not need to be downloaded to the salesperson’s own computer, eg. images and videos can be displayed via links in a customer meeting over the internet.
  • After a sales meeting, when you want to deliver sales presentations and collateral to the customer, the modern way is to send the customer a direct link to the desired materials.
  • Speed up and increase your sales with effective and clear sales and support materials. Save time and yourself, and focus on the actual selling and relationship management.

The Gredi Content HUB benefits not only the sales organization of companies, but also their marketing, communications, IT and business management, as well as various stakeholders and partners.

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Lomarengas utilizes Gredi Content HUB in its sales work

Lomarengas is the oldest and largest holiday home rental company in Finland. The company offers cottages, villas, and apartments through its online service. With a selection of ca 4,000 properties, it offers everything from beach cottages to ski pavilions and from luxury villas to cottages in the countryside.

“We have dozens of photographers who travel all over Finland to take photos of the cottages. The photos are processed, colour-corrected, and made attractive. There are 20-25 photos of each cottage. As there are about 4,000 sites, we have more than 100,000 photos in total. This huge and massive number of images is now served by the Gredi Content HUB,” says Pekka Huttunen, Marketing Manager of Lomarengas. The images are automatically integrated into the online service when content producers upload their material to the system.

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Gredi and PunaMusta Media – value through partnership

Today, Gredi is part of PunaMusta Media, which provides the partnership with a network of top professionals and services that, together with Gredi’s solutions, form a unique package for the needs of marketers and for the management of companies’ digital business.

The shared vision is to unify commerce on the brick-and-mortar and digital environments into a single transparent, measurable entity and a coherent brand experience.

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